Art Museum Exhibition Course Development Grant

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Due to construction at the Colby Museum of Art, we will not be accepting applications for grants in this category in this round. What follow is for information only.

The Goldfarb Center for Public Affairs and Civic Engagement invites proposals for the development of new or the revision of existing courses with a civic engagement component related to the Colby College Museum of Art’s collection. The Goldfarb Center is offering these funds to increase the number of courses making use of the Museum’s collections and exhibition spaces to teach Colby students across a broad range of disciplines while, at the same time, engaging students in activities that serve the educational needs of local school children and the general public.
Funding: The Goldfarb Center will provide funding of up to $2,500 for at least one course per year. Expenses may include a stipend for the time spent developing the course, cost of materials for development or implementation of the course and related exhibition, or other expenses likely to be incurred. The grantee is expected to keep track of all expenses and submit items for reimbursement in a timely fashion. A detailed expense summary must be submitted to the Goldfarb Center Associate Director, Alice Elliott, within two weeks after the end of the course, and a brief report summarizing the experience must be submitted following completion of the course. In addition, we will ask for a brief, 300 +/- word article for the Goldfarb Center newsletter during the course.
Proposals: Applicants should submit a proposal that clearly lays out the following information:

● departmental goals and objectives for both the course and the exhibition
● a preliminary checklist of objects that might be suitable for the exhibition (these may include loans as well as objects in Colby’s collection)
● a proposed budget with itemization of projected expenses and rationale

Courses must meet the following Museum Exhibition Course Guidelines:

Courses should introduce students to object-centered learning and teaching as they explore a given subject. As part of their course work, students should have the opportunity to select objects appropriate for the exhibition, to conduct research related to those objects, and to develop interpretive strategies through the physical arrangement of the exhibition, the writing of associated texts, the presentation of gallery talks for the general public, and the creation of lessons for local teachers and school children. Grant proposals will be judged by the following:

1. Clear, well thought-out, and realistic goals for students and audience
2. Academic rigor
3. An in-class experience (readings, discussions, presentations, and hands-on work in the gallery) that will enable students to better understand the exhibition component of the course and connect it to course content.
4. A structured process of reflection and analysis on the exhibition component built into the course and linking the experience to course goals.
5. A preliminary exhibition plan that promises to add significantly to the offerings of the Colby College Museum of Art by supporting the teaching needs of Colby faculty in several departments, and creating bridges between the Museum, the College, and the larger community.
6. A budget for the exhibition.
7. A civic engagement component.

Deadline: Proposals must be submitted two semesters in advance of the proposed exhibition, and at least one semester in advance of the course if it is to be taught before the exhibition. Jan Plan proposals will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Proposals for this round of funding are due by ----------. Please submit all materials electronically to both Mirken Curator of Education, Lauren Lessing, and Associate Director, John Turner, Proposals will be evaluated by the Center’s Faculty Steering Committee, which will make a recommendation to the Goldfarb Center Director. Decisions will be announced by --------. Note: We expect that any civic engagement courses resulting from this departmental work will be identified as such in the course catalogue. Recipients are required to submit to the Goldfarb Center Associate Director a brief report following completion of the project, including a detailed report of all expenses paid for by the grant (including copies of receipts organized by date) within two weeks after the end of the funded semester. In addition, we will ask for a brief, 300 +/- word article for the Goldfarb Center newsletter about the project. Failure to do so will preclude future grants.

Further Information: contact Mirken Curator of Education Lauren Lessing, or Alice Elliott, Goldfarb Center Associate Director. Resources available include: access to the complete Museum collection database and tours of storage, individual coaching, research on courses at similar institutions, sample syllabi, readings and more. You can reach Lauren at x-5609 or via email at and Alice at ext. 5313 (Diamond 252,