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A man in jodphurs and a woman in a swimsuit are in a large living room; a Katz painting
of a man lighting a woman's cigarette is prominent in the background.

Advertisement for Calvin Klein and John Bartlett

Page from an unidentified magazine features a charcoal drawing of a woman's head, shown in profile, against a gold background. Katz's signature is evident in the lower right

This brochure, published by the Margeurite Lamy Gallery in Paris, features several photographs of paintings by Katz which hang in the gallery. Galerie Margeurite Lamy brochure Galerie Marguerite Lamy

Features 10 Katz paintings: "Vincent," 2000; "Jessica," 2000; "Ramone," 2000; "Jacqueline," 2000; "Nabil," 2000; "Stuart," 2000; "Merlin," 2000; "Vivien," 2000; "Ena," 2000; "Ada," 2000. New York Contemporary Art Report Alex Katz

A photograph of the interior design of a home includes an image of Alez Katz's Woman
in the Woods, which is hanging on the wall in the background.
House and Garden Magazine "Woman in the Woods"

Features detail of Katz's painting "The Red Smile." Whitney Membership Benefits brochure Whitney Museum of Amercian Art

Features one of Katz's portraits of Ada, wearing a scoop-neck black shirt, standing in front of trees. Her hair is long and greying in the front, and she looks directly at the viewer. vis[u]al The Muse Ada Katz (A/K/A Mrs. Alex Katz)

Katz painting of Lois Dodd and her son Life "Near Slab City, Maine..."
3/4/1973 Article with photographs of fashion models posing in front of various Katz paintings. New York Times Magazine Women are the Fashion of the Times
10/18/1982 Cover of this issue of "Time" features a portrait of John Updike painted by Alex Katz. Time Going Great at 50: Writer John Updike
7/18/1983 One of Katz's paintings of a cocktail party used as cover image New York Magazine Friendship in the City
4/29/1986 Drawing by Katz of women in bathing suits featured on front of invitation Skowhegan School of Painting & Sculpture Anniversary Awards Dinner
5/18/1986 Cover features Katz's drawing of the Statue of Liberty in white pencil against a
red background
New York Times Magazine The World of New York
1/1/1989 Article features various paintings by Katz Menninger Perspective Why Good Parents Have Bad Kids
2/1/1990 Drawing by Alex Katz of flowers in red ink against a white background; his signature
is evident in the lower right corner
Interview Drawing of Flowers
6/1/1990 Various Katz paintings used throughout magazine as illustrations Esquire, Vol. 4, No. 6 New York: Manhattan Style
11/1/1991 Brief blurb about short basketball players, featuring Katz's "Basketball," 1991 Interview The Short of It
1/1/1992 Advertisement for Concord Watches featuring a photo of Alex Katz, sitting in a chair
in front of his painting, "Eileen."

Concord Watch Advertisement
10/18/1993 This Gap advertisment features a black and white photograph of Alex Katz in a
long black coat, against a grey background.
The New Yorker Self-Portrait in Gap pocket-t by Alex Katz
10/1/1994 Features reproduction of Katz's "Ada in Aqua," 1963. Arts Quarterly In Memory: Frederick R. Weisman
10/21/1994 Brochure features a large, full-color reproduction of Katz's painting "The Walk," 1994. Atlantic Center for the Arts brochure Atlantic Center for the Arts
11/1/1994 This list of books about art for children includes a book titled "Looking at Paintings: Dogs." The cover of this book is a Katz painting of his dog, Sunny.
Art Start: An Introduction for Children
1/1/1996 Brochure of PaineWebber art collection includes Katz's "Good Morning" PaineWebber PaineWebber Art Collection
11/24/1996 Portrait of Mary Tyler Moore by Alex Katz, November 1996 New York Times Magazine The Girls Next Door
6/1/1997 Alex Katz January Morning, 1992 sponsored by Credit Suisse Brochure, Birth of the Cool group show at the Kunsthaus Museum, 1997
6/19/1997 Clipping from German newspaper featuring Katz's "January Morning," 1992 z�ritrip Sch�n und k�hl: "Birth of the Cool" im Kunsthaus
7/1/1997 Summer calendar features detail of Katz's "The Green Cap" on cover National Gallery of Art, Washington July/August Calendar
1/1/1998 Detail of Katz painting of woman in red hat and jacket featured on magazine cover Art Review Painting: A Case of 20th Century Decline?
8/19/1998 Advertisements for the movie "Your Friends & Neighbors" featuring a few Katz paintings
on the ads.
New York Times Your Friends & Neighbors
8/21/1998 Movie advertisement features Katz's work New York Times Your Friends & Neighbors
1/1/1999 Subscription offer features a small reproduction of a painting by Katz Art in American Subscription Offer
9/1/1999 Article features Katz's "Up in the Bleachers" and "Thursday Night #2" New Woman Marriage Shock
2/1/2000 Article features Katz's "Boy with Branch 2," 1975-76 Relax Sit Back, Relax & Enjoy!
4/1/2000 Black and white reproduction of painting featuring "Alex Katz at Colby" catalogue in the foreground Art New England Katz at Colby
6/1/2000 "Round Hill 1977" features 5 figures seated or lying on a beach; foreground figure is back to the viewer. "Self Portrait (Cigarette)" is a young Katz in a dark suit and holding a cigarette. LIST/01 Images of Katz's "Round Hill 1977" & "Self Portrait (Cigarette) 1957"
6/1/2000 Photograph of Joel Shapiro and Ellen Phelan in their apartment, surrounded by works of art;
a large Katz portrait of a young man with dark hair is visible in the lower left corner of the background.
ARTNews article by Valerie Steiker From Khmer to Kiki Smith
6/14/2000 6 images of Ada Katz , wearing a black dress. Five figures are standing, one is seated; a painting of a man in a suit is visible along right edge. S�ddeutsche Zeitung SZ Extra Image of Ada Six Times
9/1/2000 Reproduction of Katz's "Pari," which features the face of a young blonde woman against a black background. New York Times article by Grace Glueck Treasure Trail in Maine, A Rugged Muse
11/14/2000 Katz's painting of eight dancers against a black background is featured on one page of this magazine. Japanese magazine
12/1/2000 The article features a pen and ink portrait of Frank Rich, from the shoulders up,
drawn by Alex Katz.
Interview View Man: Frank Rich by Maer Roshan
6/18/2001 Katz painting of five people having a picnic; the woman closest to the viewer sits back-to, with her black hair tied back. The Times (published in UK) pack the corkscrew
9/1/2001 Katz painting of house with red roof behind trees featured on magazine cover The Berlin Journal
5/10/2002 Advertisement for Christie's features a detail of Katz's painting "January IV." New York Times Christie's Advertisement
10/31/2002 Advertisement for Organic Grooves party includes a reproduction of one of Katz's
cocktail party paintings

12/6/2002 Cover page for The Times Literary Supplement Times Literary Supplement Detail of Red Coat
9/1/2003 Portrait by Katz of Kate Moss against a green background W Magazine Portfolio of Kate Moss by Artists & Photographers
9/10/2003 Photograph of architect Daniel Libeskind; a Katz portrait of Ada is visible in the background. Berliner Leben Der Architekt mit den Cowboystiefeln
2/1/2004 Photograph of Georgina Brandolini with Katz painting in background W Magazine
Volume 33, Issue 2
Sweater Girl
4/1/2004 An image of Katz's "Zac Posen" painting is used in an article about contemporary fashion. The New York Times Magazine, Fashions of the Times, Part 2/ Spring 2004 Zac Posen
7/1/2004 Article on Yvonne Force Villareal features Katz's portrait of Force: "Yvonne in Isaac Mizrahi," 1994 Vogue Force Field
9/10/2004 Alex Katz-12 Paintings Pace Wildenstein ad NY Times (page E 28
10/1/2004 Article by Verlyn Klinkenborg features a Katz� image of� "Autumn Rhapsody." Town and Coutry Travel Magazine,� Fall 2004, Vol. 2, No. 3 Autumn Rhapsody
10/1/2004 An article that features the Alez Katz image, "Mae." Vogue Deutsch, October 2004, Vol.1, no. 25 Mae
10/1/2004 The cover features the Katz's portrait of a man wearing a white-collared shirt on a green background. Relax Magazine (Japanese) Cover page with portrait of man in a white-collared shirt.
10/4/2004 Katz's portrait of Natalia Vodianova is used in the "Intelligencer" section of the magazine to advertise for the "W Portraits" being shown at Pace Wildenstein. New York Magazine "Natalia Vodianova" Portrait
12/1/2004 An image of Katz's "The Realized Work" is included in an article. Posh Magazine, Dec. 2004, Issue 2, no. 8, p. 67 The Realized Work
1/1/2005 An article about living with art includes a photograph of the interior of a home where
Katz's painting of "The Red Dance" is hung on the wall.
Dallas Home Design Magazine, Jan. 2005, vol. 5, no. 5, p. 12 "The Red Dance"
3/1/2005 The cover of the journal includes the Alex Katz image of "Ada in a Purple Dress" along
with a brief description on the back cover.
Trusteeship, March/April 2005, Vol. 13, No. 2 Title page with image of "Ada in a Purple Dress"
3/12/2005 A newspaper clipping giving the listing of local events includes a Katz image to advertise current exhibits at the CAC Malaga. Ciudadanos Malaga, p. 87
4/10/2005 Katz's portrait of "Rudy" is used in the title of an article in the "Arts and Entertainment"
section of the newspaper, about currently showing exhibits in six different states.
Boston Globe, Sunday Edition, pages N6 "Rudy"
4/15/2005 An article about poet Robert Creeley illustrated with image of� Katz's portrait of Creeley. Courier Gazette Creeley Tribute Held at Farnsworth
5/1/2005 Cover include Katz image of "Vincent and Sunny"� in lower left corner. Artnews Magazine How Artists Decide What to Keep, What to Sell, and What to Buy Back
5/1/2005 Cover is an image of "Sunny #4," and included in the contents page is a brief
biography about Alez Katz.
JAVMA - Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, Vol. 226, Number 9 Sunny #4
12/1/2005 An image of a Katz painting is used in the background of a page featuring purple violets
on a green background.
Elle Decor Magazine, Dec. 2005, no. 122, p. 156
12/1/2005 An image of a Katz painting of many people is used in an advertisement for the magazine. Bomb Magazine, Winter 2005-6, no. 94, p. 37
12/2005-2/2006 Katz image - nude female in front of yellow background Monica de C�rdenas Galleria advertisement Kunst Bulletin
10/30/2008 Picture of Black Scarf in a brochure for New York Fine Art Pring Week ifpdaprintfair Black Scarf
12/1/2008 Picture of Swamp Maple in the National Gallery of Art National Gallery of Art 2008 Annual Report "Swamp Maple
3/2/2009 Katz painting in background of picture in article Newsweek Brother, Can you Spare a Painting?
4/1/2009 Alex Katz paintings in Burkhard Eikelmann gallery brochure "Big Red Smile"
"Five Seasons"
"Maine Cow"
5/10/2009 MoMA Mother's Day handout