Katz Correspondence
Date Correspondents Description
4/7/1982 Letter to Ada Katz from William McNaught Letter from NY area director of Smithsonian Insitution thanking Ada Katz for contributions
of Katz's work to the Archives of American Art
6/1/1992 Letter to Alex Katz from Neil L. Rudenstine Letter of appreciation from president of Harvard; accompanies a certificate of
appreciation for Katz's artist-in-residency at Harvard
12/04/1994 Letter to Alex Katz from Unknown Sender Letter sent to Katz from a friend of Serge Fauchereau
03/09/1995 Unopened letter to Katz from France
7/24/1995 Letter from Tom Cugliani to William Cotter Letter from Marlborough Gallery to Colby College President re Alex Katz's work reproduced in French Vogue
10/4/1995 Letter to Katz from Kenya Mizumaki Letter of appreciation sent by president of the Yorimuri Shimbun in response
to Katz's donation
2/8/1996 Letter to Alex Katz from Herv� Chand�s Letter from conservator at the Fondation Cartier, accompanying
a copy of the exhibition catalogue "By Night"
3/13/1998 Letter to Philippe Dagen from Roger d'Am�court Letter from d'Am�court, a friend of Katz, to the author of a French newspaper article regarding Katz's work
05/21/1999 Letter to Katz from Victoria Pomery, Senior Curator at Tate Liverpool Informs Katz of selection of work for display in show: "Presence:
Figurative Art at the End of the Century"
1/24/2000 Letter to Alex Katz from John O'Leary Letter from the ambassador at the U.S. Embassy in Santiago, Chile, accompanying
a copy of the exhibition catalogue "Maine Light"
7/18/2000 Fax to Alex Katz from Tomoko Sasaki-Lyons Fax regarding reproduction rights and borrowing of photographic materials
9/18/2002 Letter to Alex Katz from Marco Franciolli Letter from director of Museo Cantonale d'Arte informing Katz of the selection of three
of his works for the exihibition "The Image Regained"
1/27/2003 Note to Alex and Ada Katz from Dana Friis-Hansen Personal note from director of the Austin Museum of Art, expressing excitement about the exhibition "Small Paintings" and gratitude for a donation; also enclosed a business card
4/8/2004 Letter to Alex Katz from Jan Avgikos, curating for the Cheim and Read Gallery A letter to Katz requesting his participation in a show, "I am the Walrus."
8/30/2005 Letter to Katz from Karlheinz [Essl] A letter to Katz about his work in the exhibition "Austrian Contemporary Art and Post War Painting: the Essl Collection," and encloses catalogue�
11/3/2006 Anne Scher, Director of Communications, Jewish Museum, to Alex Katz Attaches review by Newsday
11/9/2006 Anne Scher to Alex Katz Bergen Record Katz Review
11/10/2006 Anne Scher to Alex Katz Exhibition covered on Bloomberg TV
1/17/2007 Jennifer Joy to Alex Katz (New York Magazine's The Approval Matrix attached) New York Magazine's The Approval Matrix attached