Katz Photographs
Date Description Photographer

7 pages negatives (red) plus 1 strip of 4; Lincolnville Beach

black and white photograph of Alex Kaz in front of one of his paintings Vivien Bittencourt

2 photos of work labelled circa 1957

3 photos of work: Lakewood 1951; 2 pieces circa 19167; 1950 (_Garden); architectural piece "Studies for Cornice, 1991

2 photos of work; one labelled Rudy's arm 1966; one blurry labelled "nude holding glass, c. 1984"; one Lincolnville photo 2001

2 contact sheets Lincolnville Beach; one color one black and white

33 sheets Lincolnville Beach and Maine subjects; various format sizes

Katz and son Vincent in front of Fabian Cerejido's 6 Argentinas, Monte Sainte-Victoire at Colby Museum

4 photos of small plane, cockpit, co-pilot Katz (?)

5 sheets of photos of Katz's work in various venues in Europe/Spain
1954-55 [illegible] Jean (label); photo of ink drawing of artist at easel in a studio
1998 4 photos of Alex and Ada Katz, Sundown Germany
2000? 9 Lincolnville Beach photographs
2001 Alex and Ada Katz Lincolnville Maine
2006-7 Installation photographs of Alex Katz in European Collections, 3 Sept. 2006-28 Jan. 2007 Langen foundation