Skowhegan Lecture Archives
Jacob Lawrence and Simon Life Studio

Left: Jacob Lawrence, 1972
Right: Poor Studio (now Simon Life Studio), 1952; left window: Henry Varnum Poor and Jack Levine; right window: Sidney Simon; seated: Willard Cummings and unidentified woman

Using the Skowhegan Lecture Archive

To request materials, visit the multimedia desk of the Bixler Art and Music Library and present identification. Headphones will be provided for listening to lecture CDs in the library’s media facility. Use of the archive is subject to the following restrictions:

  • Materials are available for use within the library only.
  • Materials cannot be loaned to other libraries.
  • Lectures or excerpts cannot be published, reproduced, or used in derivative works without the permission of the applicable lecturer or lecturers.
  • Transcripts are read-only and are only available at Colby. Transcripts are provided as a research aid and are not intended as official reproductions of the audio content.

The Colby College Libraries

The Colby College Libraries, in partnership with the Colby College Museum of Art, have made a copy of the Skowhegan Lecture Archive available to researchers in the Bixler Art and Music Library. All materials in the archive are fully cataloged and searchable in the libraries’ online catalog. Each catalog record includes a summary of the audio lecture as well as a link to the lecture transcript (as available). The catalog entries also provide links to related materials held in the extensive arts collections of the Bixler Art and Music Library.

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