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The following classroom lesson plans are for teachers who are planning a trip to the Museum. They examine objects and themes in the museum collection, and tie them to the Maine State Learning Results.
Science Lesson Plans

Lesson: Richard Serra 4-5-6

Installed in the museum's courtyard in July 2000, Richard Serra's three-part sculpture, 4-5-6-was created specifically for the Paul J. Schupf Sculpture Court and scaled to echo the museum walls that surround it. The title "4-5-6" comes from the 4'x5'x6' dimensions of three identical, 30- ton masses, forged from solid COR-TEN steel, a material that oxidizes naturally to weatherproof the sculpture and produce the warm color fundemental to the sculpture's aesthetic. Each of the block-shaped elements rests on a different face to create the illusion that they are different sizes. Go to this lesson plan »