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  • Spotting Species: Abroad in Africa

    Spotting Species: Abroad in Africa

    Sergei Poljak ’14 spent fall 2012 gathering wildlife research in Namibia.

  • Marine Science Semester Is Big Success

    Marine Science Semester Is Big Success

    At Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences Dec. 12, students who spent the fall semester learning and working in the labs presented posters on their...More >

  • Hello from Africa

    Hello from Africa

    Kim Johnson ’14 spends fall semester abroad in Kenya and Tanzania at the School for Field Studies.

  • Geologists Probe South Africa's Karoo

    Sophomores Tara Chizinski, Mduduzi Langwenya, and Kody Spencer are studying geology in South Africa's Karoo Basin with Professor Robert Gastaldo.

  • Geology in Bermuda

    Dhokela Yzeiraj '13 took cameras along on the Geology of Bermuda Jan Plan and filed this photo essay.

  • Kalimpong: Memories Made in India

    Qainat Khan '11 and Dash Wasserman '12 reflect on Jan Plan at the Gandhi Ashram School, high in the Himalayas.

  • Oceanic Expedition

    Professor of Chemistry Whitney King and Angela Warner '11j are in the South Atlantic studying effects of climate change on phytoplankton, reports the...More >

  • Abroad in Caicos

    Abroad in Caicos

    Biology major Dan Hoshino ’11, who is studying abroad on south Caicos island, is featured in a WIV-4 news broadcast about the School for Field...More >

  • A Semester in Namibia

    A Semester in Namibia

    InsideColby blogger Blair Braverman ’11 spent the fall semester in Namibia, where she “traveled through the bush, working with a number of...More >

  • Health Minded

    Charlie Hale '06 aims to do for global health what Teach for America does for education