Colby in Dijon

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Established in 1985, Colby in Dijon offers an indepth, language intensive, structured experience of cross-cultural study in the heart of France. Dijon is a medium-sized city with a university that dates back to the middle ages. Because there are few American students in Dijon, there is more of an opportunity to speak French and to meet French people than in Paris. The Colby in Dijon program encourages the use of the French language and cultural integration through a homestay with a carefully chosen French family and through a variety of cultural activities, including some with French students.

Colby in Dijon is available for the Fall semester only.


A language Acquisition Program: 

For students with limited French experience (from one semester of college French to four semesters), Colby in Dijon offers a language acquisition program that includes special classes for non-French speaking students at the Centre International D'Etudes Francaises (CIEF) of the Université de Bourgogne, as well as courses taught by French faculty in French history, art history, and contemporary France. Students are placed in appropriate levels and receive a full semester of Colby credit.

A Program for More Advanced French Learners:

Students with more than two years of college French (or its equivalent) take language courses at the advanced level, may take one or more of the courses in history, art history, and contemporary France, and may also take regular university courses at the Université de Bourgogne, in areas including history, political science, economics, literature, and sociology. For students with a very good command of spoken French, there is the opportunity for internships.

Other Program Offerings

  • Student support services provided by Resident Director Jonathan Weiss.
  • Students live with carefully chosen French families.
  • The program includes activities with French student animateurs.
  • Field trips and excursions, including Paris, the Loire Valley, and the French Riviera are organized by Colby in Dijon and included in the program fee.
  • An optional book seminar is offered for one credit.
  • Most cultural activities are reimbursed 50%.
  • Volunteer activities or internships in the community are also possible.

Dijon: The City  

Dijon is located approximately 300 kilometers southeast of Paris and is easily accessible from the capital via high-speed train. A medium-sized city of almost 200,000 inhabitants, Dijon contains many famous cultural attractions, including the spectacular palace of the Dukes of Burgundy, the Puits de Moïse, and the Musée des Beaux-Arts, which houses one of the finest collections of painting and sculpture in France. The city has the largest preserved old quarter in France, some of which is now a pedestrian mall.     

Dijon has one of the most perfected public transportation systems in France. Students will have classes in a variety of places—the university, a lycée, the archaeological museum, and the director’s apartment—but will be able to get easily from one place to the other.  

The director’s apartment is in the center of the city, and is where Professor Weiss and his wife, Dace, live. The seminar on contemporary France is held there, as are a variety of program activities.