International and Domestic Internship Programs

Internships done as part of an off-campus study program
International internship programs are encouraged, but must meet Off-Campus Study requirements in order to earn academic credit.  The internship should be done as part of a semester or summer study abroad program that is predominantly credited in terms of the courses taken. In addition to general policies, internship programs must include a non-paid internship with considerable academic work done in tandem and not to exceed 4 credit hours (check with OCS for special cases of credit distribution). The internship must be non-paid and with considerable academic work done in tandem. Typical models consist of 16 credits with the internship counting for 4 credits and three other courses counting for 4 credits each. 

Please consult with OCS if you are interested in choosing an internship program abroad to assure that it will meet these requirements and that you will receive credit.

For other types of stand-alone international or domestic internships for transcript notation or JanPlan credit please see the Office of Career Services.

The programs and universities listed below are some examples of what may be of particular interest to students wishing to do an internship in conjunction with their off-campus study experience. Some programs may have internships in multiple disciplines and countries while others are more specific to a discipline or country. In some programs the internship is optional, in others it is a required part of the program.

Boston University-London Internship Program
IES Abroad in Buenos Aires
The Alliance for Global Education in Shanghai: International Business in China
Smith College in Geneva
CIEE in Barcelona: Business and Society
University of Edinburgh Parliamentary Internship (special credit distribution)
Washington Semester, American University, Washington DC

Other examples of internship programs