Non-Colby Off-Campus Programs

Miller_Blythe_2010_Greece_Catagory3Colby offers students the opportunity to select from an extensive list of over 200 off-campus program opportunities or universities in over 60 countries that meet our criteria and are consistent with our philosophy of study abroad. Four of those are Colby-run programs while the others are administered by other institutions but approved by Colby. You can find information on these off-campus study opportunities via our website. These programs are reviewed regularly on the basis of student evaluations, faculty input, and, when possible, site visits.

If your son or daughter is a participant on a program approved -- but not administered -- by Colby, you can connect directly to the program's web site. If you have concerns about safety and security, you should refer to the policies and guidelines of the specific program in which your son or daughter is participating.