Colby Programs Off-Campus

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Colby College currently administers four off-campus study programs in Dijon, Salamanca, St. Petersburg, and East Boothbay, Maine. The program in Dijon is run by a resident director. Colby in Salamanca is run by a resident director and associate director. Colby in St. Petersburg is managed by an on-site director and closely supervised by a Colby faculty from the Department of Russian. The marine science program in Maine is a collaboration with Bigelow Lab for Ocean Science. All programs are overseen by the Office of Off-Campus Study at Colby College.

Colby programs abroad seek to maximize student integration with the host communities. Where feasible, Colby arranges housing with local host families. However, the reality of housing, logistics and cultural practices vary from one site to another. Where homestays are not possible, Colby arranges dorm or apartment style accommodations in accordance with local standards. Only on the junior integrated program with the University of Salamanca are students permitted to seek their own housing, and they are required to live with Spanish students.  

Additionally, Colby programs abroad, through the resident directors, arrange a variety of cultural activities during the course of the academic term. These activities generally include regional excursions, attendance at musical or theatrical performances, and dining opportunities. 

If your son or daughter is participating in or is interested in one of Colby's programs in please consult the Colby program information.

Please consult theParent Handbook. If you have concerns about safety and security, you can view a variety of documents, including Colby's emergency plan, that will provide information on how we handle situations of potential risk.

In addition to semester-long opportunities, Colby also offers selected Jan-Plan opportunities off-campus each January. All Colby JanPlans, including those abroad, are planned and administered by Academic Departments in conjunction with the Dean of Faculty's Office. Please refer to the respective Department for more information. These classes change each year and are announced during the fall semester.