Off-Campus Study Student Ambassadors


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The students listed below have volunteered to speak with prospective study abroad students about their program and/or the study abroad experience in general.
Take them up on it!

SIT Australia: Sustainability and Environmental Action, based in Byron Bay
Lindley Wells - Spring 2012

University of Tasmania
Dhokela Yzeiraj - Spring 2012

CET-Harbin: Intensive Chinese Language
Rebecca (Becca) McAfee - Fall 2011

Danish Institute for Study Abroad (DIS), Copenhagen
Kelsey Naruse - Spring 2012

Wellesley in Aix, Aix en Provence
Rebecca Levenson - Fall 2011

Columbia-Penn Program in Paris, Paris
Rebecca Levenson - Spring 2012
Chelsea Tyler - Spring 2012 

NYU Tel Aviv
Charlotte Wiesenberg - Spring 2012

IES in Siena
Lindsay Alston - Spring 12

SIT Madagascar: Biodiversity and Natural Resource Management, based in Fort Dauphin
Sean Donahue - fall 2011

Multiple Countries
IHP Health and Community: Globalization, Culture, and Care in United States, Brazil, Vietnam, and South Africa
Keith Love - Spring 2012

New Zealand
University of Otago
Lydia Ball (through IFSA-Butler)-Fall 2012

University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
Sarah Lyon (through IFSA-Butler)- Spring 2012 

Boston University Geneva Internship Program, Geneva
Brita Midness - Spring 2012
Carly Rushford  - Fall 2011

CIEE in Palma de Mallorca, in Palma de Mallorca
Matthew Mantikas  - Fall 2011

IES in Granada
Rebecca Mayer - Fall 2011

PRESHCO (Programa de Estudios Hispanicos, en Cordoba), Cordoba
Emily Ferrero - Spring 2012 

Turks & Caicos Islands
School for Field Studies: Marine Resource Studies
Heather Cronin - Fall 2011

SEA Semester: Ocean Exploration, based at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution/Marine Biological Laboratory and shipboard in the Caribbean, Atlantic, or Pacific.
Shelley Kind - Fall 2011

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