Costs, Billing and Refunds

Off-Campus Study Program Costs and Billing

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Colby Programs

Students on Colby programs (Colby in Salamanca, Dijon, St Petersburg, Bigelow Laboratory, and selected affiliated exchange programs) are billed by Colby in the same way as a semester or year on-campus.

You will be assessed the equivalent of Colby College tuition and fees, which covers tuition, room, board, round-trip transportation and a number of organized excursions. Personal travel and expenses are not included. Please keep in mind that if a student decides not to go on a program excursion, there will be no refund of money either to student or to parents. Please also note that programs have specific policies with regard to possible changes of return dates on the group flight. Please contact us if you have questions regarding travel arrangements.
While some students may choose to stay in the country at their own expense beyond the end of program date, Colby College cannot be responsible for those who choose to extend their visit.
Non-Colby Programs

When a Colby student attends a non-Colby program for a semester/year, program fees will be paid by the student and directly to the program. Off-campus study program fees vary a lot so please refer to the specific program provider or university. All students studying on non-Colby programs will also be billed by Colby for a $1,000 off-campus study fee for each semester they are away (excluding certain Colby affiliated programs). The charge will be billed to your home address by Colby’s Office of Financial Services. For students on financial aid, this charge is built into the aid package. 

Exceptions include the AKP, ISLE, and Claremont Colleges exchange programs where you will be billed Colby's comprehensive fee and the $1,000 fee does not apply. For Dartmouth you will be billed by Dartmouth and pay Dartmouth's fee directly to Dartmouth but the $1,000 off-campus study fee does not apply.

Be aware of the refund policy of your program before you send any money for a deposit or payment.
Keep in mind that a non-Colby program will not release your transcript if you have not paid them in full by the time your program is complete.

Please refer to the Student Financial Services Study Away Financial Information for more information.



Colby Programs

Pro rata refunds of the basic charges will be made for students who either withdraw voluntarily or upon advice from the College physician during the enrollment period. The enrollment period is either the fall or spring semester. (Refunds of basic charges are not granted to full-time students withdrawing during the January Program.) A similar refund policy is in effect for Colby off-campus programs; however, as starting and ending dates vary, the specific dates are determined by individual programs as they correspond to the relevant percentages of the semester’s duration.

In addition to any applicable Colby refund, the College offers an optional tuition refund insurance designed to reduce the financial loss caused by a medical withdrawal. This is handled through DEWAR, and brochures are mailed in June to the student’s home address. For more information, please contact DEWAR at 617-774-1555 or go to
No refund will be made until the withdrawal/leave process established by the dean of students is completed. Federal regulations determine the amount and the order in which federal loans and scholarships are to be refunded.

Colby College Policy Regarding Off-Campus Programs and Cancellations


Non-Colby Programs 

For non-Colby programs please refer to the program's policies for more information. 

Colby College Policy Regarding Off-Campus Programs and Cancellations