Health and Travel Insurance


Most study abroad programs require students to have health insurance abroad and show proof of such coverage. Students attending both Colby and non-Colby programs abroad should review their major medical insurance policy with their parents and confirm that it will provide coverage while abroad. Students on Colby programs will be required to show proof of their insurance policy by submitting a letter from their insurance carrier stating that they are covered abroad. Salomon_Dana_2012_Chilee

If you and your parents have determined that your insurance coverage will not extend to the overseas program site and there is no possibility of purchasing a rider to extend coverage, you can consider purchasing a policy with Cross Insurance by contacting 1-800-537-6444 ext. 211. Be sure to specify that you are a Colby student.


Colby College does not provide for any travel insurance for students studying abroad. Students attending Colby programs in Dijon, Salamanca, and St. Petersburg, however, are required to purchase the iNext Basic card at least at the rate of $28.  For all others the College highly recommends that, in addition to your primary insurance, all students studying and travelling abroad purchase supplementary travel insurance through iNext.

You can purchase an iNext card on-line. Simply create an account online and follow the prompts to select your level of coverage, complete your profile, upload a digital photograph, and make your purchase. Your card will be sent to you the following business day. You will also be able to print a confirmation of insurance directly from the iNext website.

This supplementary insurance offers benefits such as accident and sickness expenses, emergency medical transportation, 24-hour medical, legal and travel assistance, travel document replacement, and student discounts. Five supplementary policy plans are offered, varying in cost from $28 - $215 for one year of coverage. It is important to understand that, as with any travel insurance policy, this coverage is secondary to your primary medical coverage and certain exclusions may apply. If you have any questions about the iNext travel insurance coverage or how to purchase a card online, please feel free to contact iNext by phone (207) 553-4039 or email or check the iNext website.