Health Precautions

Novak_Kira_2012_Senegal1Students are urged to take appropriate health precautions, particularly if going to a developing country. Check with your program sponsors and the Centers for Disease Control to determine what inoculations may be needed. More resources are available on the Pre-Departure planning page.
Be aware that many of these inoculations must be obtained several weeks prior to departure.
Prescription Medication
If you have an ongoing medical condition, you must bring a copy of your medical records with you. If you are taking prescription medication on a regular basis, including birth control pills, please either plan to bring with you a supply for the entire semester or bring a written Doctor’s RX indicating the generic name for the medication. If your condition requires monitoring, please inform the resident director as soon as possible (before you leave).  You should also make a note of any allergies you may have to certain medicines and remember to mention them also to any attending doctor.  

Dietary Restrictions
If you have allergies to foods, please inform your program. It is important that your host family know about your allergies. If you are a vegetarian, make sure you let the resident director know early on so that you can be placed in a family that can accommodate you.  Vegetarianism is less common in other parts of the world  than in the U.S., and it may not be possible to stick to a completely vegetarian diet. You should be prepared to remain as flexible as possible, particularly when dining out and participating in group activities.