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Colby has an extensive list of over 200 off-campus program opportunities in over 60 countries from which to choose. Four of those are Colby-run programs while the others are administered by other institutions but approved by Colby.

As you browse the list of program options, consider the Getting Started and the Choosing The Off-Campus Program That Is Right For You sections of this website. You may also read evaluations written by Colby students who have participated with these programs.

Using the search filter below you can search and sort programs according to criteria such as Colby status of the program, program language, region, country, term available, type of program, and area of study available on the program. Click on “more information” to access the program/university’s website for more information.

Also review the  Opportunities For Your Major Off-Campus fliers to see more suggestions.

Colby's Approved Programs +

The OCS Office, in consultation with the faculty's Off-Campus Study Advisory Committee, maintains a list of programs, which is designed to meet the great majority of academic needs. The list represents a wide range of programs, in many countries, that have been used successfully by Colby students in the past and continue to be recommended by academic departments.

Knowledge of these programs is kept current through student evaluations and faculty visits. Programs may be added to or removed from the list as more appropriate opportunities emerge. Please do not assume, because you know that a Colby student participated in a particular program in the past, that the program is on the approved list.

Note: Colby's process for placing a program on the approved list entails that at least 3 Colby students (or 2 students and a faculty member) have participated in the program and evaluated it with favorable results. It is then eligible to be voted on by the OCS Advisory Committee. 

All Colby-approved study programs abroad must meet the following standards:

  • They must provide an educational experience which is consistent in quality with the educational experience at Colby, and which can reinforce, complement, and broaden a student's educational program at Colby.
  • They must contain a substantial academic component of high quality.
  • Study abroad programs must provide a cultural experience and, when appropriate, a linguistic experience that are consistent with the goals stated above. To promote cultural integration, at least a full semester must normally be spent in a single host country.

Programs for which petitions are supported +

You will find certain programs, identified with "Petition Required" in the Handbook and on the list below, for which petitions would be encouraged. These programs are not currently on the approved list as they have not yet had sufficient attendance by Colby students to warrant formal approval by the Advisory Committee. However, they have been recommended by faculty and/or OCS as appropriate for Colby students and thus a well-presented petition prepared in conjunction with the major department would have a high chance of success. These are not the only programs for which students may petition, of course, but they already meet the criteria for petitions and have been reviewed for quality. See the petition guidelines for the different types of petitions and procedures.

  • All programs must meet certain criteria to be petitioned.
  • All petitions require a meeting with an OCS staff member before the deadline
  • All petitions must be submitted to OCS by the March 1 deadline.
The program must meet certain guidelines to be eligible for petition; these include, but are not limited to:
  • The program must have a duration of at least fourteen weeks of class time (including exam time but not including vacations and excursions), to match the length of a semester at Colby.
  • The program must be situated in one host country (with the exception of certain specific approved programs). Touring or shipboard programs are not acceptable.
  • The program or university must provide an academic program which is consistent in quality and quantity of work required at Colby. You must provide Off Campus Study with a description of each course you plan to take, including the language course.
  • With the exception of a foreign accredited university, the program must be sponsored by an accredited US college or university whose academic standards are high.
  • For all programs in non-English speaking countries, students must study the language of the host country for the duration of their program.
  • The program or university must provide a cultural experience substantially different from that of a typical U.S. campus experience.

Institute for Study Abroad (IFSA) Butler +

For many approved programs in England, Scotland, Ireland, Australia, or New Zealand, students may choose to apply directly to the University in that country or through IFSA Butler. Not all Butler programs, however, are approved by Colby so check Colby's list of programs before proceeding with your application.

IFSA Butler is a third party provider which facilitates the application and integration of US College students into foreign universities. ButlerÍs comprehensive program fee usually includes a variety of services including: application, pre-departure, medical insurance, orientation, excursions and other on-site support services, post study abroad services and more. If you decide to apply through IFSA Butler you should follow Butler 's eligibility guidelines, requirements, application materials, and deadlines for the specific program in which you are interested (in many cases, they vary from the university's).

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Colby Programs

Colby at Bigelow Laboratory: Changing Oceans

Eligibility: 3.0 GPA; at least three lab science courses and one semester each of chemistry, biology and pre-calculus/calculus. CHECK WITH OCS FOR MORE INFORMATION.
Area(s) of Study: Biology: Cell & Molecular, Biology: Ecology & Evolution, Chemistry, Environmental Studies, Marine Studies, Natural Sciences
Terms: Fall
Type of Program: Field-Based/Research Program
Program Language: English-only

Colby ES Bigelow_005 Additional Program Information:

View a video illustrating the exciting work students can do on the Colby at Bigelow program.

Read a participating student's blog about Colby at Bigelow Laboratory.

For more information, view the Colby at Bigelow Laboratory webpage.

More information »

Colby in Dijon (Language Program)

Eligibility: min 1 semester of French
Area(s) of Study: Art History, French, History
Terms: Fall
Type of Program: Study Center-Based Program
Program Language: French

Colby in Dijon (University Level Program)

Eligibility: At least one 200-level French course
Other Requirements On Site: French
Area(s) of Study: Art History, French, History, Humanities, Social Sciences
Terms: Fall
Type of Program: Study Center-Based Program,University-Based Program
Program Language: French

Colby in Salamanca - Integrated Program

Eligibility: Min GPA 2.7; 7 semesters of Spanish (All students must have completed SP135 and SP 231 before departure)
Other Requirements On Site: Spanish
Area(s) of Study: Arts, Humanities, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Spanish
Terms: Fall, Spring, Year
Type of Program: Language Intensive Program,University-Based Program
Program Language: Spanish

image10-1 Additional Program Information:

Colby in Slamanca'’s integrated program integrates American students directly into the Spanish university system. After a one month orientation session, students enroll in regular courses at the Universidad de Salamanca. They will live in a Spanish household for the first month and then have a choice to remain with their host families or to move into an apartment with Spanish students.

More information »

Colby in Salamanca - Language Acquisition Program

Eligibility: min 1 semester of Spanish; Min GPA 2.7
Other Requirements On Site: Spanish
Area(s) of Study: Anthropology, Art History, History, Literature (see also English), Spanish
Terms: Fall, Spring
Type of Program: Language Intensive Program,Study Center-Based Program
Program Language: Spanish

image9 Additional Program Information:Students on the Colby in Salamanca language acquisition program attend classes for non-Spanish speaking students at the Cursos Internacionales of the Universidad de Salamanca. They will live in Spanish households for the duration of the semester, where their language skills will be reinforced in a supportive setting.
More information »

Colby in St. Petersburg

Eligibility: 2 years of college Russian; Min GPA 2.7
Other Requirements On Site: Russian
Area(s) of Study: Russian
Terms: Fall, Spring, Year
Type of Program: Language Intensive Program,Study Center-Based Program
Program Language: Russian

St. Petersburg, Russia Additional Program Information:During either semester, students with at least two years of college Russian may study at the St. Petersburg Classical Gymnasium in a Colby-sponsored program in Russia. Students live with host families and help to teach English to Russian high school students.
More information »

Dartmouth Dual Degree in Engineering Program

Eligibility: Min GPA 2.7; Colby requires a B average to qualify. After qualifying, students apply to Dartmouth.
Area(s) of Study: Engineering
Terms: Year
Type of Program: University-Based Program
Program Language: English-only

Additional Program Information:

Submit a copy of Dartmouth application to Colby OCS

Colby also offers a liberal arts and engineering dual-degree program in collaboration with Columbia University in New York City. The Columbia program is a 4/2 program.

More information »


IMPORTANT NOTE: Each program/university is characterized by certain criteria, however, all academic subjects may not be represented. For full universities abroad, only the academic divisions are noted (i.e. social sciences, humanities, natural sciences, and arts). The more reputed departments at these universities may also be indicated. We recommend that you always review the program’s curriculum and/or the university’s course catalog on their website to make sure the specific courses offered will work for you before selecting a program/university.