Off-Campus Program or University Application

In addition to the Colby application for approval, you are responsible for the application form appropriate for admission to your intended program (Except for a Colby program - Colby in Salamanca, Dijon, St. Petersburg, or Bigelow - where there is only one application).

In most cases, there is usually no need to apply to multiple programs or universities. As long as a student meets the eligibility guidelines for a program (GPA, Language, prerequisites) and applies in time (Early application is recommend!) he/she will usually be admitted to the program. Invest the time to carefully choose the program you want and don’t make extra work for yourself/others by submitting multiple applications.

Upon admission to your program, you will usually be given a deadline for accepting the offer and making a deposit.

The application will usually include, among other items:


Deadlines vary. Some providers have deadlines that are earlier than the Colby deadline and most have rolling admissions so we recommend not to wait until the deadline to apply or you risk not getting in.  Some programs may fill up before the deadline. Please read your program provider's information carefully.  Incomplete and late applications are not usually considered by most providers.


Application forms for most approved programs are available on-line at the program/university's web site.  Students alone are responsible for applying to the program approved by the OCS office within the provider's stated deadlines.


One or more letters of recommendation are usually required. There may be a specific form or not. Please give faculty members at least 2 weeks to write your letter. Give them the form or information on who to address the letter to. We recommend having the letter returned to you in a sealed envelope and enclose with your other application materials or you may have it sent directly to the program/university.


Most off-campus study programs require a “home school nomination” or “study abroad advisor approval” form as part of their application on which they ask about any disciplinary or academic probation in the student’s history, among other things. You are required to bring this form to OCS and we will complete it truthfully. Keep in mind that our office cannot sign this form for you until you have submitted a completed Colby application for approval. Drop off in Eustis 103, mail, fax, or email form to Juliette Monet.

APPLICATION FEE (if applicable)


An official Colby transcript is usually required. It is your responsibility to request it from the Colby Registrar’s website. You may have it returned to you or sent to the program/university's address.


Upon completion of your program, your OCS transcript should be sent to the address below:

Colby College

Office of Off-Campus Study

4500 Mayflower Hill

Waterville, ME 04901