Steps to Timely Credit Transfer

3 Steps To Timely Credit Transfer
Program Evaluation
All students are required to complete a program evaluation online at the completion of their program. Evaluations will be available towards the end of the semester.

Your off-campus study  transcripts will not be released to the registrar until your log-in to the evaluation site has been documented.

The evaluation has been developed to monitor the quality and suitability of off-campus study programs, and to help students searching for a suitable program to select the most appropriate option for them. Please complete it as fully and candidly as you can. Some questions may not pertain to your program, especially if you studied in the U.S., if necessary, skip the question or enter N/A.

This evaluation must be completed in one sitting, you cannot cut & paste from a word document, and you must be logged in to your own Colby account in order to access it.

Your responses will be available to anyone with a Colby login unless you specifically ask that this evaluation not be shared.


OCS Transcript
In order for your OCS credit to transfer to your Colby record, Colby must receive an official transcript of your off-campus study directly from your program/university. In many cases, the student must request it online or in writing from the provider or university. Please have it sent to Colby at:

Colby College
Office of Off-Campus Study
4500 Mayflower Hill
Waterville, ME 04901


SIT Independent Study Project Approval

If you participate in an SIT program, you must bring your ISP project and any work back to campus to be reviewed by a Colby faculty member upon return. Before you go, you should identify a Colby faculty member who is willing to read and evaluate your project. Select someone familiar with your expected topic and discuss it with them.

Credit will only be transferred after this faculty member has reviewed your independent study  and approved it for credit transfer. Failure of the work to meet Colby's standards may jeopardize the transfer of credit. If, upon return, your ISP topic has changed considerably, or the selected faculty is no longer able to read it, you must find another Colby faculty member who is willing to do so. If the ISP is written in a language not understood by your reader, it is your responsibility to translate it into English or identify another faculty member to read it.

Please ask the faculty member to notify OCS of their approval by email or by calling X4505.


OCS Course Approvals


General credit:
On all non-Colby programs, the Off-Campus Study Office grants approval of courses completed for general Colby credit. If you change courses after arrival at your off-campus study destination you must inform OCS by email for confirmation of approval. Please note that not all of the courses on an approved program will automatically be approved individually. All transcripts from abroad are examined by the Off-Campus Study Office before they are sent to the Registrar. Unless specified, courses will be applied as general credit.

If you have not taken the courses you listed on your application, and have not obtained permission to change your courses, you may not receive complete credit for your semester or year abroad. You should advise the Off-Campus Study Office of changes at the beginning of your off-campus program in order to resolve any issues that may prevent transfer of credit. If there are discrepancies, your off-campus credits may not appear on your transcript when you return, delaying your ability to use them in applications for graduate school or other purposes.

Please be aware that Colby may not approve full credit for certain courses taken abroad that do not meet Colby’s standards of academic rigor, even when these courses are marketed to you during your program orientation. For example, Sports & Learning in Australian Culture at the University of Sydney may only receive 2 credits. When in doubt, please consult with OCS by email and include a full course syllabus to allow us to determine the course content.

Major, Minor, Distribution or Diversity credit:
Approval of courses toward the major/minor/ACL is decided by academic departments and not by the Off-Campus Study Office. For course credit to count toward your major or minor or a college requirement, these courses must be approved in writing by the appropriate academic department and OCS must be notified.

Course approvals should generally be requested upon return by completing the Off-Campus Study Major/Minor/All College Requirement Approval Form. You must also submit a full course syllabus to the Faculty Advisor signing off on your coursework.

If you would like advance approval, you may also use this form or email the relevant department Faculty member to seek course approval accompanied by a course description or syllabus and copy or forward their response to OCS at