Global Images Photo Contest

All Colby College students who studied or did work abroad during the 2012-2013 academic year were encouraged to submit up to 2 of their favorite photos. There were 4 categories:  Landscapes & Streetscapes; Portraits; People & Society & What You See & What You Get.

WINNERS of the 2013 contest are shown below:

Category 1: Landscapes & Streetscapes

1st place: "Sheets of Dusk" by Mika Mintz '14

The sun was setting as the ship that the group of us was staying and sleeping on slipped quietly into a secluded 'arm' of Doubtful Sound, the second largest, naturally imposing fjord in New Zealand. As the boat reached complete stillness, the captain instructed every one on the deck to be entirely silent, to turn off our cameras and our mouths and allow the absolutely mystifying beauty surrounding us to be absorbed. With his instructions, he shut off the engine and the silence began pouring over all of us. It truly felt as if I were one with my surroundings. I am unsure how long we stood gazing out in awe of our planet, but once the engine revved up again, I knew the moment had taken it's place in our memories. I took this photo at that moment.


Category 2: Portraits

1st place: "Faces of Florence: The Beggar" by Meghan Fawcett '14

During my time in Florence, I would go to museums and experience works of immense beauty and walk out onto the street and witness a completely different world, which although starkly different was still beautiful in its own anonymous way.Therefore, for my project abroad I did a study on the "Faces of Florence".This man in particular struck me as he would be outside of my classroom every day, people would pass him by, spit at him and push him over, I however, took the opportunity to get to know him better and he became the "first face" of my project and ultimately my favorite.

Fawcett_Meghan_2016_ Italy

Category 3: People & Society

1st place: "Dances with Bulls" by William Hochman '14

This bull is about to die, and his blood will smear the dirt and the horses will drag his limp body away from the ring. All to the roar of the Spanish crowd. There is something beautiful in the event and in the way that the bullfighter lightly dances in circles while powerfully commanding the animal. The entire show in suspended in air. We wait, knowingly, for the bull to die and when he does we erupt in applause. There is a sense of history in the ring and in the outdated dress of the bullfighters. But the passion of the crowd and the music and old men drinking red wine from leather pouches makes it feel all the more normal.

Hochman_William_2014_Spain 2

Category 4: What You See & What You Get

1st place: "Caravan" by Rory Zia '14

My friend and I rode into the Badain Jaran Desert in a Jeep, but the natives still use camel caravans to transport goods into the desert. Every day camel caravans would roll into the oasis-village that we stayed at. What you see is the daily life in Badain Jaran: a caravan resting from its journey for the day, and a woman shaving a camel's hair; the photo personally reminds me of my arduous journey to the Badain Jaran Desert. My friend and I had to overcome an incredible amount of problems in order to get to the desert and back, ranging from passport issues to believing that our tour agency had taken our money and stranded us, all while only being able to communicate in Chinese. Never in my life have I had so much responsibility and so much at stake. Because of this trip, I'm confident that I can overcome obstacles that stand in my way.

Zia Rory 2014 China Desert

Congratulations to all our winners!!

1st Place by category:
Landscapes & Streetscapes = Mika Mintz "Sheets of Dusk"
Portraits = Meghan Fawcett "Faces of Florence: The Beggar"
People & Society = William Hochman "Dances with Bulls"
What You See/Get = Rory Zia "Caravan"

2nd Place by category:
Landscapes & Streetscapes = Julianna Haubner "Open my heart and you will see, "graved inside of it, Italy."
Portraits = Anna Hess "Friday Couscous With Mama Fatima"
People & Society = Shannon Kooser "Fromage"
What You See/Get = Nick Aalberg "Tramping in the New Zealand Fjordlands"

3rd Place by category:
Landscapes & Streetscapes = Ginger Brooker "L’arbre résistant qui embrace la montagne de Cézanne"
Portraits = Kim Johnson "Lazy Leopard"
People & Society = Phil Cody "瑶族在隆基梯田_Yao Ethnic Minority at Longji Rice Terraces"
What You See/Get = Julianna Haubner "Masterpiece"

Honorable Mention by category:
Portraits = Mika Mintz "Let's Play"
People & Society = Caroline Kiernan "Prayer in the Desert"
What You See/Get = Morgan Monz "Leave only Footprints"

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All Colby College students who studied or did work abroad during the 2011-2012 academic year were encouraged to submit up to 2 of their favorite photos. There were 4 categories:  Landscapes & Streetscapes; Portraits; People & Society & The Student Experience.

WINNERS of the 2012 contest are shown below:

Category 1: Landscapes & Streetscapes

1st place: "Ata Whenua Waterfall" by Charles Spatz '13

I took this photo early in the morning on an excursion in FiordlandNational Park in New Zealand.  The photo is a 12 second exposure, which smoothens the appearance of the falling water.  (TeAnau, New Zealand)


Category 2: Portraits

1st place: "Life After a Cyclone" by Katy Lindquist '14

Three days before I left for India, Cyclone Thane hit the northern part of the Tamil Nadu state.  On my third day there I traveled to the most devastated areas to help SRED administer limited relief in the form of rice and dal to Dalit and Tribal villages.  This is a photo of the two daughters of a Dalit man we visited.  He told us that the cyclone had not only destroyed the houses and streets of the villages, but it had also destroyed the fishing boats, which represented the main livelihood of these people.  The boat that his daughters are depicted with is his and because of the cyclone it is too damaged to be of any use.  (Chennai, India)



Category 3: People & Society

1st place: "St. George's Day" by Lydia Ball '13

St. George’s church in Lalibela is one of the few “cave churches” that is not covered by a roof.  The roofs were installed after Lalibela“cave churches” became a UNESCO World Heritage Site. These fantastic churches were built 900 years ago by King Lalibela and are still used regularly today.  What great luck we had to be visiting on St. George’s Day!  (Lalibeia, Ethiopia)


Category 4: The Student Experience

1st place: "La Plaza Mayor" by Jack Cohen '15

While in Salamanca for my first semester abroad program, my friends and I would visit la Plaza Mayor daily. Whether it was to grab a quick bite to eat at our favorite restaurant, meet some friends before we went out for the night, or experience one of the great concerts the city put on while we were there in the town, the Plaza was always a favorite destination. Not only was this central spot the heart of the city, but also it was a place where people from all over the world came together. It’s amazing architecture, the constant bustling life within, and its meaning to its citizens was overwhelming. I hope that one day I can return to this place and stand in amazement once again.  (Salamanca, Spain)   

Cohen_Jack_2015_ Spain

Congratulations to all our winners!!

1st Place by category:
Landscapes & Streetscapes = Charles Spatz "Ata Whenua Waterfall"
Portraits = Katy Lindquist "Life After a Cyclone"
People & Society = Lydia Ball "St. George's Day"
The Student Experience = Jack Cohen "La Plaza Mayor"

2nd Place by category:
Landscapes & Streetscapes = Maggie Taylor "Chott ed Jerid: Tunisia's Largest Salt Lake"
Portraits = Victoria Feng "A Happy Dane"
People & Society = Adam LaViolet "The Receiving of Gifts)"
The Student Experience = Julia Mitchell "Modern Explorations at the Theatre of Epidaurus"

3rd Place by category:
Landscapes & Streetscapes = Kevin Bennett "Sunrise on Lizard Island"
Portraits = Emily Barr "The Chocolate Factory"
People & Society = *TIE* Lauren Fisher "We Can't Live Here: Aida Refugee Camp & Emma Mayville "Wadi Ruminating"
The Student Experience = *TIE* Daria Jones "Reach Higher, Feel Stronger, Be Free" & Molly Hodson "Getting Oriented"    

Honorable Mention
Landscapes & Streetscapes = *TIE* Shany Tropper "Morning view from Village" & Molly Rogers "A Cat on Cobblestones)
Portraits = Jason Ito-Adler "Getting a Good Angle"
People & Society = Jason Ito-Adler "Bullfighting Through a Cultural Lens"
The Student Experience = Mimi Smith "Yamas, For You Are Beautiful"


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 All Colby College students who studied or did work abroad during the 2010-2011 academic year were encouraged to submit up to 2 of their favorite photos. There were 4 categories:  Landscapes & Streetscapes; Portraits; People & Society & The Student Experience. 

WINNERS of the 2011 contest are shown below:

Category 1: Landscapes & Streetscapes

1st Place, "Guinness Lake" by Sean Michael '12

This photo was taken at the crest of a hill overlooking Guinness Lake, in the Wicklow Mountains of Ireland. My friend and I had spent the morning traveling through Wicklow with our Irish guide, and the sunny moment captured here was a brief respite from an otherwise rainy day. (Wicklow Mountains, Ireland)



Category 2: Portraits

1st Place, "A Shadow in Dakar's Suburbs" by Hanna DeAngelis '12

The first time I traveled outside of the capital city Dakar I visited my friend Nogaye’s family for the Korite, the holiday celebrating the end of Ramadan. I took this picture of her littlest cousin Pap before his mother dressed him in a grand boubou, traditional holiday best. Children are given independence even before they can walk in Senegal so I would frequently find Pap sitting quietly by himself. This time, the sunlight through a patterned window cast his small body in a perfect shadow. (Pikine, Senegal)


Category 3: People & Society

1st Place, "Harmony Between Man and Nature" by Dana Salomon '12

In my time studying abroad in Chile, my friend and I were lucky enough to travel south to the breathtaking lands of Patagonia.  I took this photo of two Chilean natives of the area who had become both our friends and tour guides for the day.  Through conversation and observation of these men, I could not help but admire their connection with the environment. (Patagonia, Chile)



Category 4: The Student Experience

1st Place, "Tip Toe Pose with Red Rose Girls" by Emily Fleming '12

This photo was taken on the playground of a girls school in Kibera, Nairobi's largest slum. The 'playground' was only this blacktop--there weren't even basketball hoops. This was my first day ever in the slums of Nairobi, and I had come with students on my program. We took a tour of the school and then got to play with these girls. They are all middle school aged, and although we had known them for only an hour or so, they opened up to us, telling us the stories of their childhood--abandonment, abuse, etc...and they called us "teacher, teacher" even though we weren't their teachers.We spent a lot of time dancing and singing on the playground with the girls, and I asked them if they had ever done yoga before. They said they had an after school program once, but that was it. So, I started doing some fun yoga poses, and the girls joined in. This balancing pose is one that I had just learned, and by far the one the girls had the most fun with. It was so amazing to be able to connect with girls from an entirely different culture through yoga, and to share with them the gift that yoga has to offer, while still having fun! (Nairobi, Kenya)


Congratulations to all our winners!!

1st Place
Landscapes & Streetscapes = Sean Michael '12
Portraits = Hanna DeAngelis '12
People & Society = Dana Salomon '12
The Student Experience = Emily Fleming '12

2nd Place
Landscapes & Streetscapes = Hillary Rowse '12
Portraits = Jennifer Gemmell '12
People & Society = Brynn Bernheimer '12
The Student Experience = *TIE* Rachel Goff '12 & Dana Salomon '12

3rd Place
Landscapes & Streetscapes = *TIE* Aileen Evans '12 & Margaret Hunziker '12
Portraits = Kira Novak '12
People & Society = Julie Kafka ]12
The Student Experience = Jayson Ito-Adler '13

Honorable Mention
Landscapes & Streetscapes = Lucy Wilhelms '12
Portraits = Adrienne Bowles '12
People & Society = Lucy Wilhelms '12
The Student Experience = Gabe Lerner '12

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All Colby College students who studied or did work abroad during the 2009-2010 academic year were encouraged to submit up to 2 of their favorite photos. There were 4 categories:  Portraits; Picture Yourself Here; Landscapes/Cityscapes and Learning Abroad. 

WINNERS of the 2010 contest are shown below:

Category 1:  Portraits

1st Place, "Feisty Flamenco" taken by Lindley Wells '13

Women and men quickly moving their feet, women twirling scarves and men singing and playing instruments, all parts of a flamenco show in Seville, Spain.  This form of dance is a rich part of southern Spanish culture and a special art form that characterizes the south.  This particular shot captures one of the female performances twirling bright pink scarves contrasting her bright yellow dance while dancing.  Her graceful yet fast paced movements was what caught my eye and what made me want to capture this shot. (Sevilla, Spain).

Wells_ Lindley_2013_Spain flamenco

Category 2:  Picture Yourself Here

1st Place, "untitled" taken by Amanda Forrester '11

While traveling through the South of Jordan I happened upon a small antique store.  As I rummaged through the back I saw a traditional Bedouin mask hanging in a corner.  I desperately wanted to try on the several thousand dollar mask because I had recently spend a week with a Bedouin family in Mafraq.  The owner was surprised by my request, but brought down the mask and went into the back to get me a traditional head covering as well.  As I brought the mask to my face I could see the sweat stains on the inner brow of the mask and feel the places where there were missing coins.  The weight of the mask was shocking and left me bewildered by how women had once worn this attire.  Today in Jordan Bedouin women do not wear these masks due to cultural changes or a financial need to sell them.  (Jordan)


Category 3:  Landscapes/Cityscapes

1st Place, "Happy Birthday" taken by Nate Seiberling '11

Upon stepping off the bus in the National Park of Torres del Paine, Chile we walked over a crest towards a set of rapids.  From the top of the hill this triumph of nature towered before us.  No one said a word.  I took a slow deep breath as this was the most beautiful sight I had ever seen.  My friend whispered to me, "Happy birthday Nate."  (Torres del Paine, Patagonia, Chile)

Seiberling_Nate_2011_Chile 3


Category 4:  Learning Abroad

1st Place, "Financial Crisis" taken by Sophie Sarkar '11

After learning about the European financial crisis in class at the London School of Economics, and everyday on the BBC, it was fascinating to travel Europe and actually see how seemingly intangible terms like "high inflation", "unemployment", and "bankruptcy" manifest themselves.  Beyond the Picasso paintings, the soccer jerseys, the beautiful museums, the fruit stands, and the discotecas of Madrid, were the abandoned bull dozers, the dilapidated buildings, and the rubble from construction-never-finished.  If you step outside the tourist bubble for a moment, you can learn a lot about a country.  (Madrid, Spain)



Congratulations to all our winners!!

1st prize 
Portraits = Lindley Wells '13
Picture Yourself Here = Amanda Forrester '11
Landscapes/Citiscapes = Nate Seiberling '11
Learning Abroad = Sophie Sarkar '11

2nd prize
Portraits = Sadie Robertson '11
Picture Yourself Here = Cali Livingstone '11
Landscapes/Citiscapes = Nicole Ziemlak '11
Learning Abroad = Cali Livingstone '11

3rd prize
Portraits = Cameron Cox '11
Picture Yourself Here = Kelly Riffer '11
Landscapes/Citiscapes = Kayla Kawalick '11
Learning Abroad = Sarah Hirsch '12

Honorable Mention
Portraits = Devin O’Brien '12
Picture Yourself Here = Natasha de Sherbinin '11
Landscapes/Citiscapes = Pasquale Eckert '13
Learning Abroad = Sara Nalven '13



Category 1:  Portraits

1st Place photo "Breakfast in Xijiang" taken by Katie Lebling '10

This photo was taken at a small restaurant in Guizhou, China. Two of my friends and I were eating the traditional breakfast of warm soy milk and a fried bread stick at the restaurant of this girl's mother. As is customary for small children in China, she is dressed in far too many layers for the balmy weather. She was given her breakfast at the same time as we were, but quickly became frustrated with the unwieldy chopsticks and resorted to putting her face directly in the bowl to eat. She watched us with curiosity and perhaps confusion as we ate beside her, but eventually grew bored and wandered off down the street, bowl and chopsticks still in hand. We passed her a few more times that day, sitting on her small chair by the restaurant's entrance. (Guizhou, China)



Category 2:  Social Issue

1st Place photo "Eying the Past" taken by Julia Duchon '10

A graffiti face overlooks the barren courtyard of Valparaiso's Ex-Carcel, an old prison that, during the Pinochet era, housed Chilean political prisoners, the majority of whom were youth. Today, the prison has been converted into an open and cultural space where Chileans can demonstrate their political freedom as well as their freedom of expression through art. The face, spray painted upon a wall that once hindered self-expression, shows the juxtaposition between Chile's politically constrained past and its current desire to break free from the past and embrace its freedom. (Valparaiso, Chile)



Category 3:  Landscapes/Citiscapes

1st Place photo "Mirror Pond in the Fjordland featuring the Southern Alps" taken by Meri Tumilty '10

On the way to Milford Sound for a cruise through the Fjordlands in the Southwest corner of the southern island of New Zealand. This pond is called Mirror Pond and is reflecting part of the Southern Alps. The famous Milford Trek journeys through these mountains as well.  (Te Anau, New Zealand)



Category 4: Study Abroad in Action

1st Place photo "Walking Among the Icy Clouds" taken by Brandon Castelino '10

In the frigid town of El Calafate in Patagonia lies the largest non-retreating glacier in the world - Perito Moreno. The world’s third largest reserve of fresh water, students, including Brandon Castelino '10, and tourists alike are invited to hike on the glacier, seeing the ways the glacier collapses dramatically into the ocean while sampling the glacier's fresh and crystal clear blue water. (El Calafate, Argentina (Patagonia))



Congratulations to all our winners! 

1st Place  --

Portraits = Katie Lebling ‘10
Social Issue = Julia Duchon ‘10
Landscapes/Citiscapes = Meri Tumilty ‘10
Study Abroad in Action = Brandon Castelino ‘10

2nd Place  --
Portraits = Max Mutter ‘10
Social Issue = Brandon Castelino ‘10
Landscapes/Citiscapes = Chelsea Nahill ‘10
Study Abroad in Action = Caroline Turnbull ‘10

3rd Place  --
Portraits = Jennifer Shriber ‘10
Social Issue = Emma Gildesgame ‘10
Landscapes/Citiscapes = Katie Lebling ‘10
Study Abroad in Action = Emily Barlow ‘10

Honorable Mention --
Portraits = Klaudia Polak ‘10  & Hanna Noel ‘10
Social Issue = Blythe Miller ‘10
Landscapes/Citiscapes = Kersten Vasey ‘10
Study Abroad in Action = Julia Stifler ‘10 & Cali Livingstone ‘11