Pre-Departure Planning and Resources

The more thoroughly you prepare for your semester or year away, the more successful your time away will be. In addition to the mandatory pre-departure meeting, we encourage you to use the resources below.


Pre-Departure Checklist

Pre-Departure Handbook

Course Approvals for Major/Minor/Distribution/Diversity Credit

Required Course Load

Medical/Physical Exam for your Program/University Application

Your program/university may require a medical/physician exam as part of your program application (not all programs do require this), usually after acceptance into the program. This may be done at the Colby Health Center or at your local doctor at home. You will need to bring the forms required by your program so that the physician may sign them.

Some countries or universities may require proof of health status or certain vaccinations or prophylaxis in order to get a visa or enter the country. Discuss this with the doctor during your visit. 


On-Campus Storage: Contact the Office of Campus Life about storing belongings on campus while studying off-campus

Off-Campus Storage Service for Students Going Abroad
: All College Storage provides storage for students while they are abroad as well as over the summer. They pick up student's belongings right from their dorm and deliver them back to their new dorm when they're back on campus.

Preparations for Departure