Returning to Campus

Welcome Back!
 (Freshman) Sara Hersh, Colby in Dijon "There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered."
Nelson Mandela

We hope that your semester or year abroad was both rewarding and challenging. Please see these reentry resources to help you readjust to life on campus, to ensure credit transfer and to make the most of your time abroad now that you are back on campus.

The Journey of Reentry Cover for web3 Steps to Timely Credit Transfer:

  1. Submit Your OCS Program Evaluation
  2. Independent Study Project (ISP) Approval
  3. OCS Transcript

OCS Course Approvals

Reentry Challenges & Reverse Culture Shock:
The Journey of Reentry: The Good, The Bad, and The Confusing
   The Top 10 Reentry Challenges
     What is Reverse Culture Shock?
     The Top 10 Reentry Tips
     What You Can Do To Keep Your Experience Alive Back Home
     On Campus Resources
     Returnee Events & Activities
     Advice & The Importance of Reflection

Self Assessment: Positive Long Term Outcomes from an International Experience

Life After Study Abroad Issue 1

Career Development

Before You Go:
     Making The Most of Your International Experience

While You Are Abroad   
     Maximizing The Impacts & Benefits of Your International Experience
After You Return
How to Market the Benefits of Your International Experience: Unpack, Translate, & Articulate Your Value Added to Employers

Keeping Up Your Language

Going Abroad Again (Coming Soon!)

Keeping Up Your language

Colby TalkAbroad

Colby TalkAbroad connects Spanish language learners with native speakers through weekly Skype conversations using the program available at   It is beneficial for students preparing to go abroad or those returning from a Spanish speaking country that would like to maintain language skills and embrace cultural connections.  Partners reside in Ecuador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica, Colombia, and Mexico, so it may be of particular interest to students studying in those countries, though will certainly prove useful to any student of Spanish.  Interested students should contact Abbey Wallace for access and more information.