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Statement on ASA and AAAS Resolutions

Colby affirms support for the rights of academics to pursue their teaching and scholarship and rejects recent resolutions by the American Studies Association and Association for Asian American Studies. Read statement here.

Course Evaluation Committee Report to Faculty 2014    

Course Evaluation Committee  Gender Bias Report 2014

Academic negligence report to faculty

On July 1, you may begin journaling your activities for the 2014-2015 academic year using the online form available here. You may continue to edit and expand on your activities through June 30, 2015.  On July 1,  your annual report will be archived and the form will be re-initialized for the following fiscal year.  Your department chair or program director and academic secretary will have access to your annual report via the myColby web portal.

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Task Force on Student Accountability

Future of Colby - Faculty Conversations
Eugene Tobin - Colby College Board of Trustee Talk

2012 Schedule (4pm)
     October 17:  Robinson Room (Special Collections)
     October 29:  Parker-Reed Room
     November 15:  Smith/Robins Room
     November 28:  Parker-Reed Room
     10/17/2012:  Summary Themes

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