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"Terror on Film" Film Series

From Basque separatism to the Irish Republican Army's bid to shake off English rule, from anti-Marxist terrorism in Russia to the Marxist insurrections of Italy's Red Brigades and Germany's Red Army Faction, acts of "terror" scarred the twentieth century in ways that unmistakably mark the twenty-first century. If violence and politics distilled—simplified as "terror" today—transcends national, political, or ideological boundaries, then it begs for thoughtful discussion. This film series aims to start that discussion.  

Students can elect to participate in this film series as part of an independent study (GM 491).  For more information, please contact Professor Cyrus Shahan (cshahan).

"Terror on Film" is part of "Reflections of Terrorism," the Annual Humanities Theme for 2011-2012 and is generously sponsored by The Goldfarb Center.