no-wordWORD inserts an enormous (literally pages and pages) number of unused and sometimes arcane HTML style codes “behind the scenes” into any document. When you do a simple COPY/PASTE from WORD to CommonSpot, all those tags get inserted onto the CommonSpot page. This makes your page 3 to 4 times larger than it needs to be (which will make loading take longer) and it may confuse CommonSpot and cause unexpected formatting and displays. If you then try to re-edit the content, it becomes hopelessly garbled between any relatively straight-forward content inserted by hand into the CommonSpot editor and the content pasted directly from WORD.

There are three ways to avoid this:

  • Upload the WORD file as an attachment
    If you just want folks to be able to read the content of the document, you can upload the file and link to it. Users can then open or download the document.
    This preserves all formatting including pictures.
  • Mail the document to yourself at gmail. (gmail email accounts are free.)
    Once you receive the email, click on the “View as HTML” link beside the attachment.
    Copy and Paste the displayed text into the CommonSpot Editor.
    This preserves about 80% of the formatting. Pictures will not be displayed.
  • Save your document as a TXT file and open it in Notepad or another plain text editor.
    Select all the content and paste it into the CommonSpot Editor.
    This preserves none of the formatting.