Gridlines and Borders in Excel are Not the Same

They may look the same visually, but they do not act the same.

Gridlines are used to make cell boundaries visible. You can change their color under Office Button>Excel Options>Advanced. You can set them visible or hidden.


You can also set them to Print.


However – as soon as you change the color or border of a cell – or of any adjoining cell – the gridlines will be lost. So you may end up with a very uneven application of lines and colors within a worksheet.

Borders can have different colors, line types and widths. You can assign different borders to multiple cells in a worksheet. Borders will always print and will not disappear if you change the color of a cell. 



 To set borders for a single cell or a group of cells:

1. Select the cell or group of cells

2. Click on the Border Icon

This will display the borders dialog box (at left)

3. Select the type of border you want

4. Select the type and color of the line

5. As soon as you click outside the dialog box, the border selection will be applied.


NOTE: If you sort the data, border and background colors of cells WILL NOT transfer with the sorted data.