If you have taken advantage of the new SubSite Tools in CommonSpot to include Upcoming Events or News announcements, you can also provide your readers with the option of subscribing to your feed.  Just follow these easy directions:

  1. Open your CommonSpot page in author mode
  2. Click on the gear icon for any free-standing element
    (elements inside tables will NOT work)RSS-1
  3. Click on the “more” down-arrow
  4. Click on Create RSS FeedRSS-2
  5. Enter a name for your feed
    Be selective doing this. You will need to use the name – or part of it – to identify the feed later on…so use something unique. If you are thinking of having more than one feed on your page, start all your feeds with the same acronym – TECHTRN – for example.
  6. Click Next
  7. Review the feed information to make sure it is correct, then click OKRSS-4
  8. Your feed is created:RSS-5

However, this just creates the feed. It does not allow the user to subscribe to it. To do that, you must insert a new Hyperlink Element called a Feed Index

  1. Click on a “insert new element” link on your page
  2. Click on “Hyperlink” elements


  3. Click on “Feed Index

This will put a placeholder element on your page.

  1. Click on “Click here to define the feed index element
  2. Click on the “Advanced” Tab


  3. Select “Field Name” and “Contains” and a unique part of your feed name
  4. Click OK
    This will place a feed index on your page.
  5. Move this element up or down to position it where you want it
  6. Submit the element to update your page


Now readers can click on this to subscribe to your feed.