You probably create links to web sites in Excel all the time. But did you know that you can create a hyperlink to different worksheets in the same workbook? Internal hyperlinks will save you time and – if you create an “Overview” sheet at the front of workbooks you want to share with team members – enable users to quickly link to the exact place they need to go without hunting through multiple worksheets.

Creating an Internal Hyperlink

  • Launch Excel and open the workbook to which you want to add an internal hyperlink.
    For demonstration purposes, we will have a workbook with four worksheets: (Resources, Team Members, Budget and an Overview page like this:


  • Select the cell you want to make your hyperlink.


  • Insert > Hyperlink from the┬áRibbon
    Click Place In This Document on the left
    Specify the text you want the linked cell to display in the Text To Display text box
    (Go to Worksheet)
    Select a worksheet
    Click OK


  • Your sheet will now look like this:


  • Clicking on the link will take you to the top-left of the Resources worksheet.
    If you wanted to go to a specific cell on that worksheet, such as D12, you can specify that cell in the hyperlink dialog:


  • Now you sheet would look like this:


  • Clicking on the cell link will take you to that exact cell on the referenced worksheet
  • Hyperlinks can also be used to quickly move around a single sheet which has many entries and categories