You may have noticed that you are getting an email notification every time someone accepts a meeting that you have scheduled. This may be helpful – or it may be annoying.

Default Notification Settings

The default notification settings in Colby Apps Calendar are:

  • New invitations – send email
  • Changed invitations – send email
  • Canceled invitations – send email
  • Invitation replies – send email

In Oracle Calendar, the default was to send an email only when asked to do so by the creator of the event (during the meeting creation process) and never when someone accepted an invitation.  While the automatic email is quite helpful to alert you to new and changed invitations to which you have been invited, receiving an email every time someone accepts an invitation may be bothersome.

Changing Notification Settings

To change notification settings:

  • Click on the “Calendar settings” link at the top right of your display
  • Click on the “Calendars” tab at the top of the settings display
  • This will bring up the Settings dialog screen

  • Click on the “Notifications” link for the calendar you wish to set
    You will see multiple links if you have more than one calendar
  • Uncheck the email box next to the type of notification you wish to disable email for
    “Invitation replies”, for example

  • Click “Save”

You can now change the settings in your other calendars if you wish.

NOTE: The default settings (getting an email every time anything happens on your Calendar) only apply to your primary – personal – calendar. The default for other calendars is no email at all. If you wish to receive an email whenever anyone creates a new event on an ad hoc (or shared) calendar, you must go in and check the email boxes as described above.