Shake, Snap and Peek

Sounds like a bad remake of and 50’s era song – but they are actually three new features in Windows 7 that make managing your desktop easier.


To quickly focus on a single window on a cluttered desktop:

  • Click and hold your pointer on the top pane of the window you want
  • Shake your mouse
  • Every open window except that one will disappear
  • Repeat the process and all your windows will reappear


Snap is a quick way to resize open windows by dragging them to the edges or top of your screen:

  1. Click and hold your mouse on an open window
  2. Drag it to edge of the screen until a transparent window displays
  3. Release the mouse
  4. Your window will redisplay as a 1/2 screen size
  5. Drag it to the top of the screen until a transparent window displays
  6. Release the mouse
  7. Your window will automatically display at full screen size


Peek allows you to see through all your open windows.

  1. Position your pointer over the small rectangle on the far right of your task bar
  2. All open windows will turn transparent
  3. Makes buried windows easy to find
  4. Point to the application on the task bar
  5. Then point to the thumbnail that is displayed
  6. Only that window will now show on the desktop

(Hint offered by Mike Miner in ITS Fac/Staff support)