Professor Margaret McFadden


Gordon Fischer, ’13

“I read several books on public education in America. My entire life revolved around the movie.  I watched hours and hours of youtube videos, searching for footage and animations that might be useful.  I conducted two more interviews with professors on campus and as the days went by I got better and better at Final Cut….I sorted all the footage into different sections and then began the process of building a flow and putting the clips together in a sensible way.  In 2 weeks I had mastered the program and started putting sections together and the project just suddenly came together.  I watched it about 20 times in a row that night and made notes about final edits, sound adjustments and minor transition tweaks.  I showed it to my family and said that I still needed a name for it.  Right after seeing it I asked my mom and she said immediately “ALL CHILDREN LEFT BEHIND”.  I couldn’t have picked a better title. “

Project Description


“The key to a democracy is an educated and informed electorate.” -Thomas Jefferson.

Schools serve societies. If people are not educated, if people do not have the basic skills to be truly active citizens, democracy simply can’t function. What type of society is the public education system in America serving?

democracy: rule by the majority
plutocracy: rule by the wealthy

ALL CHILDREN LEFT BEHIND is a 30 minute documentary that seeks to answer this vital question.

ALL CHILDREN LEFT BEHIND (2012) from Gordon Fischer on Vimeo.