CommonSpot 6.1 introduces a new interface that includes new menus and new names for some menu items. Here are few quick steps to get you editing your pages in the new version.


Step 1: While logged in to the author server, click the new CommonSpot entrance button in the upper-right corner of the web page.



Step 2: Choose “View Page in CommonSpot” from the menu.



Step 3: The CommonSpot 6.1 equivalent of author mode in version 5 is “Work on this Page (My Changes)” found under the “View” menu.



To get out of author mode and back into read mode, click the blue X above the orange preview button in the upper right.



 More CommonSpot 6.1 menu help:

Version 5 to version 6 menu differences — hover your mouse over a version 5 menu item and a tool-tip will appear describing where to find the task on in the version 6 interface.