Do you love working in Colby Apps but miss the keyboard shortcuts you were used to in applications like Eudora, Outlook, Word and Excel? Well have I got news for you! Google has its own built-in set of keyboard shortcuts and many of them are the same as the ones you were used to from Microsoft Office.

Colby Apps E-mail

You can access the list of keyboard shortcuts by typing Shift+? while in your Inbox, but as a reference here is a screenshot (click the thumbnail to see a larger version).


If you notice your keyboard shortcuts aren’t working, you might need to enable them. This is done by typing Shift+? and then clicking the link in the top left corner that says “Enable”

Colby Apps Document and Spreadsheet

To access the keyboard shortcut list in a Colby Apps Document or Spreadsheet you can type Command+? on a Mac or Ctrl+? on a PC

Colby Apps Document


Colby Apps Spreadsheet