Three new services on our Google Apps for Education domain can now be used with Colby Apps ( accounts:

  1. YouTube
  2. Maps
  3. Moderator
Important: If your Colby account is closed due to graduation, transferring, getting a different job, retiring, etc., the data you put in these services will no longer be available to you. Plan to download any data you wish to keep before you leave the College. For more information on downloading your data please visit Google’s Data Liberation website.

You can now use YouTube with your Colby Apps account. You can upload videos, share videos and comment on videos.

Note: The first time you log into YouTube using your Colby Apps email address you will be asked to set up a username. It can not be your Colby email address as @ symbols are not allowed in YouTube usernames. All your activity on YouTube from that point forward will be associated with that username and not your Colby Apps email address.


Google Maps allows you to create custom maps either for personal use or you can make them public and share them with others. These maps can include directions to your house for a get-together, points of interest you want to share with someone visiting the area or your favorite jogging route. For more information on how to create custom maps, you can watch this informative video.

Moderator is a tool designed to let a group of people ask and vote on questions or topics. It is more than just a simple survey, people don’t just pick from a list of preset options, they submit ideas that the entire group can view and vote on. The ideas are then ranked based on the number of positive votes they get. Moderator also allows for anonymous submissions. Read more about Moderator’s features.