Have you ever been typing text on the web (CommonSpot, WordPress, Moodle or the Wiki) and when you hit the Enter (or Return) key on your keyboard you get an extra line of blank space that you don’t want?  You aren’t alone!

Most web browsers will, by default, add margins (or blank space) to the top and/or bottom of all your paragraphs.  So every time you hit Enter (or Return) you start a new paragraph and the web browser assumes you want some space separating them.  One trick to avoid this is to use the keyboard combination of Shift+Enter.  This will give you a new line, but not register it as a new paragraph, so you won’t get the default margins.  Try this the next time you are working in CommonSpot, WordPress, Moodle or the Wiki.

NOTE: Unfortunately this doesn’t work in applications like Microsoft Word because they handle paragraph spacing differently.