Using data in a spreadsheet to automate the e-mail process can be a huge time saver, but Google doesn’t have that sort of functionality built into their e-mail system. ¬†Thankfully they do allow for the creation of custom scripts that can add this functionality. ¬†Here are instructions for how to use a Google Spreadsheet with a built-in e-mail merge script.

NEW! You can now stop the merge in the middle of processing by typing the word “stop” into the “Merge Status” column for any row that hasn’t yet been processed. When the script reaches that row it will see the word “stop” and stop the merge. This is helpful if you notice a mistake and want to stop the merge so you can correct it before all the emails go out.

NEW! The e-mail merge script now gives you the ability to specify a different “Reply To” address or if you have the rights to send e-mail as another account you can specify that as the “From” account.

NOTE: Google changed the Drive interface such that “From template…” is no longer an option when you click on the “Create” button (as described in the video). To get to the Template Gallery you will now need to use this link: