New features in version 2.9 include:

New Dashboard

  • Minor changes to the navigation and look-and-feel of the interface
  • A new User Menu with customizable settings that give teachers and students quick access to personal pages such as My home and profile settings
  • A ‘Like’ rating capability (single rating scale) similar to social media sites
  • Course editing improvements including drag and drop images into the Atto text editor and whole section deletion
  • Enhanced Forum — Teachers and students can subscribe to topic specific forum discussions enabling them to narrow their focus appropriately
  • Choice activity — Users are able to select more than one Choice option at a time

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Quiz Module

  • Introduction of conditional quiz questions and attractive print layout
  • Control over the order in which questions are answered
  • An option to allow students to redo a question they initially answered wrong, immediately after answering (instead of having to wait until the entire quiz is over) allowing a more formative quiz option to students, with immediate feedback
  • Capability to add section headings to the quiz to break up the questions, making it easier to navigate quizzes

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Improved Gradebook Features

  • All-new Grade History Report feature to track of student’s grade history and the tracking of specific markers
  • Single-view feature that allows teachers to make changes to user information or other specifics without clicking back and forth to get the job done
  • Natural Weight Disbursement feature handles everything from day-to-day assignment grades to hidden and excluded grades to grades given for extra-credit assignments, bringing them all together into a balanced method
  • Gradebook and Grader Report features are accessible on all devices, navigable through the simple use of scrolling technology. Conduct any editing you need to right on the device as well, and it can now be done without repetitive loading and re-loading.

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