moodle3.1General updates to Moodle

  • Easier section editing – Change section titles without leaving the page, speeding up your course creation. More about section editing
  • Calendar block – Shows event duration by coloring the beginning and ending date. More about using the Calendar block
  • Recycle bin – Deleted items are now easily recoverable using the Recycle bin. Deleted activities and resources are now collected into a Recycle bin located in the Administration

The Recycle bin is only visible in the Administration block when activities or resources have been deleted from the main course page.

Items in the Recycle bin may be easily restored for a period of 1 month after deletion

Items in the Recycle bin may be permanently deleted before the 1 month period by manually deleting them from the Recycle bin(not recommended)

Recycle bin items are deleted permanently after 1 month automatically 

More about the Recycle Bin


News forum has been renamed Announcements in new courses. Existing courses remain unchanged.

  • Pin discussions – Inside a Forum activity, a discussion topic can be pinned so that it stays at the top of the list of discussion topics. NOTE: Students do not have permissions to pin posts. Forum posts can be pinned while:

Creating a post – by selecting the Pinned checkbox before posting to the forum

Reading a post – by clicking on the Pin button on any forum post your read

  • Display period – This new section appears while creating new discussion
  • Display start and display end dates/times can be enabled, and students will only see the discussion within the display dates set. Students will not see the discussion topic listed until the display start date and time, however, it will appear gray to Teacher/TA roles.

A gray calendar icon will appear before the discussion topic to indicate to students there is a display period set for the topic. The end date will not be displayed. More about using Forums


  • Download all submissions as a zip file maintains the folder structure in students submissions.
  • You can now select the submissions checkboxes to Download selected submissions as a zip file to download selected submissions instead of all of them at once.

More on new Assignment Features and Assignment Quick Guide





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