Google Drive has recently released the “Team Drives” feature. This is a way to use Google Drive as a more traditional file server by removing the connection between a user’s account and shared files.



For teams, organizations, and group projects, there are many benefits to using a Team Drive over a normal Drive:

  • Team Drive ensures that all members of the Drive will be able to access all files across all devices
  • Members immediately have access to Team files. There’s no need to send individual invitations for viewing to users
  • Administrators of the Team Drive can manage the permissions of all members of the Drive
  • Files are owned by the team, not the individual. Putting files on a Team Drive assures that files will continue to be available even if the account that created them is deleted or disabled or if the user that put them in the drive is no longer a member (i.e. if a member leaves Colby)

To access the Team Drives function and get started with your own, go to your Google Drive and click the “Team Drives” tab on Drive’s left menu.

For a more in-depth description of Team Drives benefits and capabilities, visit Google’s Team Drive page.