Getting Started with Google Classroom

Accessing Classroom To access resources offered through Classroom, use the login button below and authenticate with your Colby username and password. Log in About Classroom Classroom is an education App from Google that makes it easy for instructors to grade and leave feedback on assignments without having to download or print out any documents. Here...

Using Colby Apps: Reply in Pop-out Window

I love working in webmail, but I don’t like how small the “Reply” editor is.  Here is a short video showing you a few different methods for giving yourself more editing room while authoring a Reply or Forward in webmail.

Using Colby Apps: New Login Screen and Drive Activity Stream

New Login Screen As was recently announced via General Announcements Google has changed the login screen for services like webmail, calendar and Drive.  In addition to the new look, you will now need to enter your full e-mail address when logging in (your alternate e-mail address will not work).  Below is a screenshot of the...

Using Colby Apps: New Menu Interface

Google recently moved the links that had appeared at the top of your screen in a dark toolbar to a menu accessed by clicking an icon with 9 small black squares.  Below is a screenshot showing the old and the new ways to access these resources.

Using Colby Apps: Upload and Convert Files to Drive

Colby Apps Drive is a great place to create and share documents, but what if you have a document created in Microsoft Word or Excel or a PDF? In the following video I’ll show you how you can upload those files to your Colby Apps Drive and convert them so they are fully editable on...

Using Colby Apps: Create Events from E-mail Messages

Google recently added a new feature to their webmail system that allows you to easily create calendar events based on the contents of e-mail messages.  Here is a brief video showing how this feature works: Note: For more information please check out Googles own documentation.  

Using Colby Apps: Searching your e-mail and keyboard shortcuts

Two of the biggest frustrations I used to have when working in my Colby Apps E-mail were: Difficulty finding e-mails I needed to reference Having to take my hands off my keyboard to use my mouse to do things like click “Send” or “Inbox”. Today I’m going to discuss ways to help prevent these frustrations.

Using Colby Apps: E-mail Inbox Views

Most of us are used to seeing e-mail messages in our inbox show in reverse chronological order with the newest at the top.  But did you know that you can change how your messages appear in your Colby Apps E-mail inbox such that you might be able to increase your productivity?

Using Colby Apps: Contact Groups

Creating Contact Groups in your Colby Apps E-mail can save you a lot of time when it comes to sending e-mails to large groups of people, but did you know that you can also use these same Contact Groups to streamline processes like sharing Colby Apps Documents or inviting people to a Colby Apps Calendar...