Meet the New Google Calendar

Google has recently released a new version of Google Calendar with a fresh look and new features. No worries – its efficient manner of getting things organized hasn’t changed a bit! What’s new? See details when booking a room. Admins can now enter important information about the location of a room, the size of it, and what...

Setting up a YouTube Account

Creating and Providing Youtube Content for Students Uploading a video to YouTube is one of the most efficient and user-friendly ways to share a video with students. With a streamlined upload process and room for customization, YouTube creates a convenient method to provide video content.

Spacing text on the web

Have you ever been typing text on the web (CommonSpot, WordPress, Moodle or the Wiki) and when you hit the Enter (or Return) key on your keyboard you get an extra line of blank space that you don’t want?  You aren’t alone!

The Leopard Mac Application Dock

By default, the Dock sits at the bottom of the Mac display. The Dock was introduced in OS X and contains shortcuts to applications. As you move the cursor along the Dock, the icons will be magnified. You can relocate the Dock to the sides and you can set it to “autohide”. The size of the icons in...

3 New Features in Google Mail

#1 Color Coding Setting certain types of appointments in your calendar to a different color from your default calendar color can help organize and highlight specific events. To set a single event to a different color: Double click on the event to open it OR Create a new event and “Edit Details” Under the even...


Do you have a WORD document or report that you want to create a POWERPOINT presentation for? Did you know there is an easy way to import WORD into POWERPOINT? Here’s how:

Getting to the Desktop from an Application in Windows 7

Back in Windows XP and/or Vista, there was a small icon at the bottom of the page that would return you to the desktop from inside an application. It is has gone missing in Windows 7. So how do you quickly get to the desktop in Windows 7?

PhotoShop Tips

1. Background Layers The differences between a background layer and a regular layers are: The background layer is locked It is always the lowest layer in the stacking order You cannot its blending mode or opacity To unlock a background layer, double-click on it. To turn it back into a background layer, just lock it...

Resetting IE to Open in Full Screen

One of IE's more annoying "features" is its ability to "remember" the last window size when you actually interacted with the screen and use that as the default window size every after. Here is how to fix that.

Batch Upload for WordPress

Save Time and Energy Uploading Multiple Files Simultaneously Much of the time, users create a single post or page in WordPress and upload any images or documents at the same time. However, there are times when a user might want to upload all their images or documents first, and then insert them as they create...