Embedding Video in PowePoint 2007 (PC) or 2008 (Mac)

We all know we can link to a video that is sitting somewhere on the Internet from PowerPoint. But what do we do when: 1) An Internet connection is not available (or fast enough) where we are presenting or 2) The video we want has unexpectedly been moved or deleted or 3) The video is...

Quick Reference Guides: Office 2008

  Need a little reminder now and then about how to perform a common task in Word, Excel or PowerPoint? Here are some PDF “Quick Reference Guides” for Office 2008. (Guides courtesy of CustomGuide: Learn on Demand) Click on the title to download and/or print the PDF file. Word 2008 PowerPoint 2008 Excel 2008

Adding RSS Feed to a CommonSpot Page

If you have taken advantage of the new SubSite Tools in CommonSpot to include Upcoming Events or News announcements, you can also provide your readers with the option of subscribing to your feed.  Just follow these easy directions:

Tips for Formatting Tables in Word 2007

Sometimes There is an “Easy” Way To clear the contents of a table Select the table Press DELETE To remove a table and its contents Select the table Press BACKSPACE To add a row at the end of a table Click in the last cell Press TAB To insert a tab character in a table...

Don’t Copy and Paste Content from Word to CommonSpot

WORD inserts an enormous (literally pages and pages) number of unused and sometimes arcane HTML style codes “behind the scenes” into any document. When you do a simple COPY/PASTE from WORD to CommonSpot, all those tags get inserted onto the CommonSpot page. This makes your page 3 to 4 times larger than it needs to be...