Runnals Smith

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Room Type:
Studio (Theater/Dance)
Touch screen controller, Flatscreen
Computer System:
Phone in room:
Computer system CCID
Computer system name
Computer operating system
  • Seminar rooms support small, discussion-based courses and are typically used by the nearby department. Seminar classrooms are not usually reservable.
  • Technology-Enabled Active Learning (TEAL) classrooms include breakout areas with large monitors for students to work together in groups. Students may connect to the monitors wirelessly to share what is on their computer screens or mobile devices. The classroom furniture features tables on casters that may be easily moved to adjust the amount of available space at various breakout stations.
  • Computer Classroom/Labs offer computers loaded with specific software for student academic use.
  • Classrooms are equipped with a touchscreen controller and projection system.
  • Auditoriums are lecture hall styled rooms with a larger capacity. They frequently have a tiered layout or a pitched floor. All offer a larger projection screen and touchscreen controllers.
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