I. Signing in

In a web browser, go to meet.google.com and sign in with your Colby account if needed

II. Inviting participants

Option 1: Create a recurring calendar event for your class or meeting with a Hangouts Meet link and invite students/guests

  1. Go to calendar.colby.edu
  2. Click on the date of the first occurance of your class or meeting
  3. Click the “Create button” and the “More options” from the window that appears
  4. Give the event a title, make sure the date and times are correct for the first occurence then pull down the menu reading “Does not repeat” and choose “Custom”
  5. Select the days your class or meeting recurs then choose an end date and click “Done”
  6. Click the “Add conferencing” button and choose “Hangouts Meet”
  7. Add invited students or guests, click “Save” and click “Send” to send email invitations
  8. Invitees can join the meeting by clicking on the link on their calendars, in the email message, or join right from the list of their daily scheduled events at meet.google.com 

Option 2
: Create a recurring calendar event for your class or meeting with a Hangouts Meet link and paste joining information into a web page or email

  1. Follow steps 1 through 6 above
  2. Click “Save” on the calendar event
  3. Click on the event you just created on your calendar and then on the “Join” icon to the right of the “Join Hangouts Meet” link to copy the Join info to the clipboard
  4. You can now paste the joining info into an email or other communication or paste into a label resource or similar in a Moodle course site

III. Starting the meeting

The day of your meeting, go to meet.google.com and you will see a list of Hangouts Meet meetings you have scheduled on your calendar for the day. Click the one you would like to start and the click “Join” when you are ready to join the meeting.

IV. Recording your meeting

After you join your meeting, you may begin recording it by clicking the three-dot menu in the bottom right and selecting “Record meeting.” You can stop recording on the same menu. The recording of your meeting will appear in a folder called “Meet Recordings” at the top level of your Google Drive.

V. Note on screen recording with Hangouts Meet

You can use the Hangouts Meet to record your computer screen and microphone audio with or without remote participants. Just go directly to meet.google.com, click “Join or start a meeting,” “Continue,” and the “Join.” Once you start the solo meeting, begin recording as described above, click the “Present now” button to share your entire screen or specific windows into the meeting. Whatever you share into the meeting will be visible to remote participants and recorded onto the meeting video. Even if you don’t have any synchronous remote participants, whatever is shared will be recorded — this technique essentially uses Hangouts Meet as a screen recording application similar to Quicktime, Camtasia, or ScreenFlow.