Searching for your classes?

On your Moodle Home page look at the center block called Course Overview. Select the semester you want to view or all courses. This choice will stick until you change it.

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Drop Down Editing Tools

Gone is the horizontal row of inscrutable icons! Turn editing on in the upper right corner and you will see the word Edit appear near all of the editable elements. Click on Edit and you will get a drop down menu with your editing options.

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New Text Editor

This version of Moodle uses a different default text editor called Atto. Resizing pictures works differently in this editor. To resize an uploaded image you will need to double click on the image. You will then be able to change the dimensions of the image. Learn more about the Atto editor and watch a brief video

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If you find this step frustrating, you may want to change your text editor.

Go to the Administration block and your profile settings. 
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Choose Edit Profile. On the new page that opens scroll down to Text Editor. The default editor is Atto. Try out Tiny MCE to return to the text editing options from our previous version of Moodle.

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Responsive design of Moodle adapts to a smart phone or tablet screen

This update of Moodle responds to the technology you use to access it. Try it out on your smart phone or tablet and you will find that it adjusts to the screen size and orientation.