This list of resources was created for and by attendees of Web Accessibility in Higher Ed at Nercomp on June 12, 2017



Getting Started

Canonical WCAG Documents (The Bible)

Canonical ARIA Documents (The Bible)

Example Implementations

Great Third Party Resources

Quick Explainers on Alt Text




WCAG Tool Search

A laundry list of accessibility tools

Automated Checkers:

Color Checkers:

Color Accessibility Workflows

A relevant book on color design and accessibility

HTML Validation:

W3C Markup Validation Service


Webinars, Courses, and Training

Do you enjoy taking photos on your DSLR or smartphone but want some way to make them better?  Perhaps you get images online for your PowerPoint presentations but want to edit them somehow.  The team at GCF has created a great tutorial to walk any beginner through image editing basics.  Read more »

Accessing Classroom

To access resources offered through Classroom, use the login button below and authenticate with your Colby username and password.

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About Classroom

Classroom is an education App from Google that makes it easy for instructors to grade and leave feedback on assignments without having to download or print out any documents. Here are 3 short tutorials to help get you started:

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New features in version 2.9 include:

New Dashboard

  • Minor changes to the navigation and look-and-feel of the interface
  • A new User Menu with customizable settings that give teachers and students quick access to personal pages such as My home and profile settings
  • A ‘Like’ rating capability (single rating scale) similar to social media sites
  • Course editing improvements including drag and drop images into the Atto text editor and whole section deletion
  • Enhanced Forum — Teachers and students can subscribe to topic specific forum discussions enabling them to narrow their focus appropriately
  • Choice activity — Users are able to select more than one Choice option at a time

More details about New Features in Moodle 2.9

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Miller 8

Based on faculty feedback and interest in the layout of the experimental classroom in Miller Library 205, ITS recently renovated Miller 8 (off the Street) using a similar technology-enabled active learning layout. Included are five breakout areas with large monitors for students to work together in groups. Students may connect to the monitors wirelessly to share what is on their computer screens or mobile devices. Up to four connected screens may be displayed on each breakout monitor simultaneously. There is also a ceiling-mounted classroom projector that permits wireless projection connections. Instructions for connecting devices are displayed on the monitors when they power up. Read more »

For anyone needing to record their voice in the highest-quality way possible, step into the recording booth in Lovejoy 406.  This sound isolation booth provides a quiet, private space to record an audio file for use in podcasts, radio, voiceover, or music production.  Additionally, the computer comes with Screenflow, creating a great place to record top-notch screencasts.

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The One Button Studio in Miller 205 is a room where you can record yourself, your laptop, or a combination of both to create a video straight to your flash drive.  Students, faculty, and staff have used this room to record:

  • A lecture in advance
  • A class presentation
  • Interviews with a guest speaker

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google_classroom_logoGoogle Classroom is now active on our production Google Apps for Education domain. At its core, Classroom is simply an interface for managing Google Drive sharing permissions such that the assignments are “turned in” by students and then “returned” by instructors paperlessly. We suggest instructors seeking a more paperless workflow in managing coursework take a look at Classroom. It may even facilitate more frequent and quicker feedback from instructors to students. Following is a brief summary of what you can expect from Classroom. Read more »

Are you working on a video or audio production, and need to give it some spice? Browse through VideoBlocks and AudioBlocks, all available to members of the Colby community. To log in with no credentials required, click the following links.

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