Have you ever been frustrated by misbehaving formatting or mysterious alignment in Microsoft Word? Below is a video describing a feature that may help you track down what is going on.

Excel’s status bar (at the bottom of every Excel window) will show you some quick calculations based on the cells you have highlighted. Here is a brief video showing you how this works.

Two of the biggest frustrations I used to have when working in my Colby Apps E-mail were:

  • Difficulty finding e-mails I needed to reference
  • Having to take my hands off my keyboard to use my mouse to do things like click “Send” or “Inbox”.

Today I’m going to discuss ways to help prevent these frustrations.

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Most of us are used to seeing e-mail messages in our inbox show in reverse chronological order with the newest at the top.  But did you know that you can change how your messages appear in your Colby Apps E-mail inbox such that you might be able to increase your productivity?

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Formatting a bibliography with hanging indents in WordPress isn’t quite as straight forward as it is in some word processors like Microsoft Word, but it isn’t very hard either.  Here is a video tutorial showing two techniques for formatting your bibliography in WordPress to have hanging indents.

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Creating Contact Groups in your Colby Apps E-mail can save you a lot of time when it comes to sending e-mails to large groups of people, but did you know that you can also use these same Contact Groups to streamline processes like sharing Colby Apps Documents or inviting people to a Colby Apps Calendar event?

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  • You can now stop the merge in the middle of processing by typing the word “stop” into the “Merge Status” column for any row that hasn’t yet been processed. When the script reaches that row it will see the word “stop” and stop the merge. This is helpful if you notice a mistake and want to stop the merge so you can correct it before all the emails go out.
  • The email merge script now gives you the ability to specify a different “Reply To” address or if you have the rights to send email as another account you can specify that as the “From” account.





NOTE-Google changed the Drive interface such that “From template…” is no longer an option when you click on the “Create” button (as described in the video). To get to the Template Gallery, use the link below.



For a text walkthrough of this video, visit this page.

Need help setting up an email merge?


Contact ITS Support

Email: support@colby.edu

Call: extension 4222

Have you ever wanted to see the different changes made to a document in your Google Drive?  Maybe you shared a document and you want to see the changes made by others.  Here is a short video on a feature of Google Docs called “Revision History”.

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