The ITS Support Center has limited amounts of laptops, webcams, and microphones to loan. To check on availability, email

Faculty may use available departmental funds, startup funds, research funds, endowed funds, to purchase hardware like iPads, webcams and microphones. ITS will manage the ordering and shipping of the device, if you provide an account number to charge. When requesting, please include model/size, delivery address, and any associated peripherals. Faculty may also opt to purchase these devices at retail outlets (note, Apple has closed all of their retail stores in the US) and submit receipts for reimbursement through the regular process.

ITS will purchase or reimburse hardware purchases at retail outlets for $50 per webcam (with internal microphone), $35 for an external USB microphone or USB headset.

NOTE: We are seeing growing supply-chain disruptions and delays across most of our suppliers. Delivery of any orders may be significantly delayed!