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AD 212


This course is intended to provide a broad perspective on American business and management through consideration of the ethical, financial, organizational, and economic issues that managers face. Some topics normally covered in a principles of management course will be introduced -- for example, organizational structure, human-resources management, and marketing -- but the course will emphasize how the entire American business-economic system works. The importance of competition and the achievement of competitiveness will be stressed.

AD 221


This is an introductory course designed to familiarize the student with the fundamental theory and principles of accounting. It introduces the student to the accounting cycle, preparation of financial statements, and accounting concepts and theory. The course will provide a survey of the activities and processes followed by a business firm in the initial recording and eventual usage of financial data.

ST 251


Industry and technology are inextricably linked, and their development together during the last century has profoundly affected the ways we live and work. This has been an especially complex process because our evolving social and economic systems--themselves influenced by changing technology--have strongly affected the types of technologies developed and the ways that they have been used, all of which then fed back into industry's decisions about what technologies to produce and how to market them. Growing environmental awareness and international competition have also been part of the mix, and the information technology revolution of the last third of the century brought not only new generations of products but surprising new organizational structures and methods.

AD 333f


Understanding of marketing as a pervasive organizational function. Emphasis is on the processes by which organizations make product, service, and social marketing decisions and on the societal consequences of those decisions. Prerequisite: Administrative Science 212.

ST 398

The Biography of Oil

It is important to realize that the biography of oil is our biography. According to author Daniel Yergin, by the 1950s we had become (with apologies to women) "Hydrocarbon Man" -- and the hydrocarbon Yergin had in mind was unquestion-ably petroleum. Petroleum is so thoroughly integrated into our lives and lifestyles that we take it for granted. We often don't recognize how it has influenced our daily activities, how it has changed our assumptions about mobility, human capabilities, and wealth.

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