Colby College
Fall 2002
Professor Leonard Reich
Miller Library 312,
phone x3535

AD212 American Business and Management

This course is intended to provide a broad perspective on American business and management through consideration of the ethical, financial, organizational, and economic issues that managers face. Some topics normally covered in a principles of manage-ment course will be introduced -- for example, organizational structure, human-resources management, and marketing -- but the course will emphasize how the entire American business-economic system works. The importance of competition and the acheivement of competitiveness will be stressed.

We will use the text Business (7th edition) by Pride, Hughes, and Kapoor, which is available at the bookstore. Other readings will be assigned for each class meeting, primarily from Annual Editions online. Access to that site is being arranged.

Students are expected to fully complete assigned readings before each class and to come prepared to discuss the related questions posted on the course web site ( Analysis and discussion of the readings are very important parts of the course and will comprise a portion of the final grade. The course web site contains links to material of interest as well as a bulletin board where both students and the professor can post information and queries. Please refer to it offen.

Class attendance is expected. More than two unexcused absences will lead to a lowering of the final grade; more than five will result in failing the course.

Each student will prepare a term project that is the analysis/comparison of two companies in the same industry. The project is described in detail on the attached document, "Term Project." The project report is to be double spaced typed/printed, 12-18 pages in length, with normal-sized type and margins. Students should immediately begin to consider possible industries and companies. The choice of companies must be approved by October 8th, and a preliminary report, including a list of references, is due by November 12th. The final project report is due the last day of classes, December 6th. (Lateness in meeting any of these dates will lower the project grade.)

The course grade will be computed as follows:

Two in-term exams (2x15%)       30%
Final exam                                           25%
Term project                                      30%
Class participation                         15%
TOTAL                                                   100%

Discussion Forum Project Description
9/4 Course Schedule: Introduction
9/10 Ch. 1,"Exploring the World of Business"
9/12 Ch. 2, "Being Ethical and Socially Responsible"
9/17 Ch. 3, "Exploring Global Business"
9/19 Ch. 4, "Navigating the World of e-Business"
9/24 Ch. 5, "Choosing a Form of Business Ownership"
9/26 Ch. 6, "Small Business, Entrepreneurship, and Franchises"
10/1 Ch. 7, "Understanding the Management Process"
10/3 Ch. 8, "Creating a Flexible Organization"
10/8 Ch. 9, "Producing Quality Goods and Services"
10/10 EXAM #1
10/15 &
No Class
10/22 Ch. 10, "Attracting and Retaining the Best Employees"
10/24 Ch. 11, "Motivating and Satisfying Employees"
10/29 Ch. 13, "Building Customer Relationships Through Effective Marketing"
10/31 Ch. 14, "Creating and Pricing Products that Satisfy Customers"
11/5 Ch. 15, "Wholesaling, Retailing, and Physical Distribution"
11/7 Ch. 16, "Developing Integrated Marketing Communications"
11/12 Appendix A, "Careers in Business"
Guest Speaker: Cindy Yasinski, Director of Career Services
11/14 Ch. 17, "Acquiring, Organizing, and Using Information"
11/19 EXAM #2
11/21 Ch. 18, "Using Accounting Information"
11/26 Ch. 19, "Understanding Money, Banking, and Credit"
12/3 Ch. 20, "Mastering Financial Management"
12/5 Make Up / Review