Dialogue Housing Process

The purpose of Dialogue Housing is to link the academic and residential experiences within the residence halls.  Dialogue Housing provides an opportunity for students sharing broad intellectual interests to live together and to pursue sustained dialogue about matters of common intellectual interest.  Diversity of choice is one of the strengths of Colby's residential life program.  To enhance those choices, students have the opportunity to create their residential atmosphere by implementing a Dialogue House.  Activities may include discussions, lectures, or projects within the particular dialogue theme.

Dialogue Housing Proposals

Proposals must include each of the following criteria for consideration:

Specify the intersections between academic and residential engagement within your proposed Dialogue House.  Provide specific examples of programming or civic engagement opportunities as they relate to the dialogue topic (ex. environmental issues, language immersion, etc.).

Expand upon how you plan to promote the dialogue topic outside of the residential community, either in the greater Colby, Waterville, or Maine communities.  

One or more representatives of the teaching faculty must serve in an adviser role for each Dialogue House.  Faculty advisers must be designated at the time the proposal is submitted.

Group identity (such as gender, sexual orientation, major, or religion) may not be a prerequisite for participation in the Dialogue House, nor can group identity serve as an organizing theme.  Dialogue Houses must be inclusive as delineated in Colby's statement on diversity and non-discrimination found within the Student Handbook.  Dialogue Housing units at Colby College are by definition coeducational residences or sections of residence halls open to all students except first-year students.  [Note:  First-year students may request permission to join a Dialogue House following the completion of their fall term.  Approval will be made at the discretion of the Office of Campus Life.]

Dialogue Housing proposals must include the names, signatures, and ID numbers of 20 people who would like to live in the unit.

Dialogue Housing proposals are due in hard copy to the Office of Campus Life by the second Friday following JanPlan.  Please plan ahead so you can complete your proposal by the deadline.

Dialogue Housing Approval

Each approved Dialogue House will receive a programming budget of $1,000.

Representatives must provide written reviews to the Office of campus Life at the end of every semester for renewal.

Dialogue Housing at Colby College will undergo a comprehensive review by CAC and AAC every three years.

Dialogue House Participation

For a listing of current Dialogue Houses, and for information on registering to live in an established Dialogue House, please visit the Special Interest Housing tab.

Additional Information

Students interested in learning more about Dialogue Housing or the proposal process should contact the Office of Campus Life by calling Ext. 4280, emailing housing@colby.edu, or by stopping by our office located on the second floor of Pulver Pavillion.